A few of weeks back Sheryl Crow treated fans with an online show. At a reasonable price fans could watch Sheryl perform in her church full of fantastic decor, statues and all sorts of collectibles giving a very picturesque and atmospheric feel to it.

A performance very well planned out, this solo performance was so much more than just sitting in a room and playing a guitar but had various instruments set up for her to play such as various guitars, bass, piano and more.

If you are a hardcore fan of Sheryl or just like the odd song this show was thoroughly enjoyable! I for one am really only familiar with the hit songs but since this show, that has changed! Sheryl played all the hits you would hope for such as Everyday Is a Winding Road, If It Makes You Happy, All I Wanna Do, Run Baby Run, My Favourite Mistake and so much more. (set list below)

If hearing her music live after more than a year of missing live shows wasn’t enough, fans were treated with some stories behind the songs and were given some real insight to how the songs came to be. For me, I was shocked to hear she never thought Everyday Is a Winding Road or If It Makes You Happy would make the album.

This show really opened up my ears and eyes to so many good songs that I didn’t know existed. To say this show was emotional is an understatement! It was wonderful to see behind the artist in a way too and understand the pure talent that Crow possesses which is a phenomenal amount.

Fan Dolores Nicholson said of the show “It was incredible! She really did us proud and it was great to hear songs such as Crash and Burn and the Na-Na Song. If only I could watch the whole thing again”

Well we feel the same Dolores. How great would it be to be able to purchase this to watch over and over again?

Another highlight was when she bought on guitarist Audley Freed for Crash and Burn. The collaboration was sensational and gave that emotional feel of how much we have missed live music.

Sheryl Crow truly is a born musician and performer. This show was absolutely flawless and simply stunning with so much energy as well as having that calming feel. She gave us everything we could of wanted and more.

You don’t really get much better than her and I was left craving a UK tour from her. An artist who can sing and play any style of music from Rock, Blues to Country Music, it is no wonder her back catalogue is just so dang fantastic and infectious.

I almost feel unqualified to truly give a worthy review as I am not a hardcore fan but you know what? That is changing and that’s why we love live music so much because it gives us the opportunity to not just find new artists to love but to rediscover well established artists whom we may never have taken the time to fully appreciate before.

Please release this show to purchase Sheryl, we all want it!

Set List

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