Megan McKenna – ‘This’ Single Review

We here at BOON have been fans of Megans music from the moment we heard it . Skeptical at the beginning like many were as it’s sometimes hard to think a reality star, an actor or anyone in a different field can transition so well into an industry so difficult as music and actually do it well. Megan McKenna is a natural though, we must have said this a hundred times but here at BOON we do love to shout about those artists we truly enjoy!

McKenna’s voice is simply stunning. If you take the time to listen to her you find yourself asking “why has she not been doing this all along?“. Singing is where her talent truly lies and I wish she was given her break much sooner. Having starred in a mini docu series back in 2017 titled There’s Something About Megan, we saw McKenna journey to Nashville, USA and seek out a possible career in country music. This hilarious show showed her get her hands dirty down the farm (or in reality run away from it) meet up with industry folk and songwriters such as Beth Nielsen Chapman and just show her that she truly had what it takes but just not the know how to reach the dream.

Since then Megan released an independent album Story of Me which had various original songs she wrote as well as one of our favourite tracks Odds which was written by country star Lauren Alaina, April Geesbreght and Eric Olson. Other songwriters credited on the album alongside Megan herself are Amy Wadge, Catherine McGrath and Beth Nielsen Champan to name a few.

As well as a superb independent album which we at BOON were very big fans of, Megan saw a strong summer of festivals a few years back playing Cornbury, British Summertime Hyde Park and is set to play Isle of Wight and go on tour with Lionel Richie when shows can happen again.

Another achievement to be proud of was Megans win of X Factor Celebrity. A strange concept of a show, Megan was an obvious winner right from the start showing her natural talents as not just an incredible vocalist but as a talented songwriter singing her own material pretty much throughout the competition. This brave and smart move saw her secure a top five position in the Itunes chart every week.

So we have been waiting for what seems like forever for new music and it is finally here! Megan releases the song This today (Friday 19th February)

This was a song that Megan performed on Celebrity X Factor and wowed the audiences with it.

The stunning, passionate ballad takes us on a journey of wanting something in your life so badly that you will take risks and do whatever it takes. The song makes McKenna’s voice seem effortlessly flawless and her natural beautiful tone really shines and fits country music perfectly. The song is inspiring and infectious with a chilled out melody that also has a strong emotive feel to it in its melody, lyrics and McKenna’s vocals.

I do hope that Megan sticks to her passion and remains with the country genre.

Megan says, “I’ve had so many knock backs which have made me who I am today. Some people might have given up, but it gave me more fire inside and more determination. It’s been a struggle, but I’ve come out stronger and that’s what ‘This’ is about.

What I love about the song is that it can have so many different meanings. For some people it might be about love, happiness, family or friendships. It can be about overcoming any of life’s struggles.”

This waswritten with Amy Wadge and Alex Stacey and is just the start of what we hope to be a string of spectacular music.

Having spent her 2020 writing with Toby Gad (John Legend, Beyonce), Mozella (Miley Cyrus, Ellie Goulding, Kelly Clarkson) & Amy Wadge (Ed Sheeran, Camilla Cabello we hope this should be a given.This’ through a new deal with frtyfve records. Listen HERE.

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