Tim Prottey-Jones – Bite The Bullet – Single Review

One of the things I love most and look out for most in a voice is emotion and the ability to sing a song in an very expressive way. To have a good voice or even a great voice sometimes isn’t enough if the believe ability of what a singer is singing is just not there. Given Tim’s background in musical theatre this was something that I knew I didn’t have to worry about and is something I always look forward to in not just his original music but his covers he does on social media too (which I highly recommend following him for and by the way he does read his tweets so do put in a request. I am still waiting for Jesse by Joshua Kadison).


Bite The Bullet is impressive from the start. But I won’t lie, it wasn’t what I was expecting and that isn’t a negative. I was expecting a more rocky tune but this is quite a sweet sounding track in both its melody and Prottey- Jones’ vocals.

With strong elements of both US and UK country sounds, it’s clear Tim has spent much time across the pond as well as gaining a lot of experience in the genre as a whole. I can see this song doing well in the US and hope he gets the opportunity to promote his music there in person when the world is a safer place to travel in.


You will remember this song upon first listen. An instant ear catcher, I am singing the chorus already. I like this style to Prottey-Jones, its certainly showed me a side of him I hadn’t really seen before, a more sensitive and youthful edge to him and is very current in its overall sound. I think Tim is one of those artists that has a good ear for all stylings of music and sub-genres of genres, basically saying, he can write and sing anything.

I look forward to hearing his new EP that is set to be released next year.

The song is Written by: Tim Prottey-Jones, Jess Thristan & Dan Weller, Produced by: Tim Prottey-Jones & Kaity Rae : Names that are very familiar within the UK country community and industry.

Original Press Release

….Country has always kept me interested, excited and passionate. No other music has the same effect on me. It feels like home…”.

Tim Prottey-Jones is a born storyteller…

A respected multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Tim was hooked by the stories in country music he heard playing in the family home in his native Worcestershire in the mid 90s. The genre has been his calling ever since, and his drive and passion for country music has seen him achieve success in the UK and US as founder member of the award winning Decca signed “The Wandering Hearts”.

After leaving the band in 2019 Tim has quietly been building an impressive catalogue of new tracks. Bite The Bullet is further proof of Tim’s ear for melody and eye for the mainstream and will see release on November 27th 2020. An intelligent nod to a failing relationship that has seen better days. An intricate melodic structure underpinned by Tim’s reassuring timbre.

Bite The Bullet is the first release from Tim’s forthcoming EP set for release in early 2021. Further cuts include the hook laden “be kind” anthem “ Good Life”. As Tim’s suggests “…it shines a light on the growing issue of internet trolling, posing the question, whatever happened to values and morals.

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