Nashville Meets London – Twinnie – Live Review

When you have seen an artist live many times, it sometimes hard to continue to review them, especially when the amount of times have been so closely together. The first time I became a fan of Twinnie was when I saw her songwriting credit on The Shires song Black and White and since then I made sure I invested in her music. Back then, Twinnie had only released a few of songs such as Cool, Lie to Me, Looking Out For You and Home. All these songs featured on her debut EP before she was a signed artists. During the time of that EP, Twinnie played C2C Festival and Cornbury to relatively unknown audiences who soon became fans as she continued to progress her career and tour tour tour. Twinnie not only played the festival scene but also opened for many artists in the country genre. As John Osborne of Brothers Osborne once said to me: “She works really hard – a really driven individual and deserves all the success coming her way, for sure.” We agree.

I have lost count the amount of times that I have seen Twinnie perform (she must be sick of me haha) but I had not yet seen some of the new songs live. This was my first Nashville Meets London and I was delighted to see Twinnie on the bill. Proud doesn’t even cut it to see just how far she has come and how that now, everyone in the UK scene knows her name and it won’t be long before the US does too. Signed now to BMG home of artists such as Jimmie Allen, Lainey Wilson and many more, it isn’t a stretch at all to say breaking America is just around the corner.

Twinnie entered the stage with a full band. Kicking off with the fun-lovin’ Type of Girl from her Better When I’m Drunk EP, the busy crowd were heavily invested. A new song perhaps titled Won’t Go followed but it was Daddy Issues that turned a lot more heads. Daddy Issues is one of the more traditional sounding country songs from Twinnie’s growing catalogue and for me, is a very strong song much like my favourite Looking Out For You. As much as I love the pop sounding tunes, I do love her writing and vocals in the more traditional country sense. Title track from the upcoming debut album Hollywood Gypsy was next. A great catchy tune with a lot to love, this song is somewhat autobiographical as Twinnie says the title describes her perfectly, hence why she called her album as such despite almost being talked out of it. Another new song next was Chasing and that was followed by the stunningly emotive Lie To Me. Lie to Me is from her debut EP and is the first track that I realised just how good of a singer Twinnie truly is.  Another new song to me Manicure was next and then she performed her current single Social Babies which is taking the country world by storm and is gaining great airplay on BBC Radio 2. 

Closing her set, Twinnie performed a brief cover of Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved which flowed into Better When I’m Drunk. I like the song, but BWID was always my least favourite of hers but seeing it live gave it a whole different life and I realised this song is more of a “fun live” song or “crank up loud” tune rather than easy listening.

Twinnie exceeded my expectations at Nashville Meets London. This was the first time that I felt she had truly arrived. I think perhaps now that she has built a strong fan base helps and the fact everyone knew who she was and knew the songs. Twinnie is now a very much established artist and it shows, she is no longer a support act or an artist trying to find an audience, she has that now. Her confidence and ease on stage has grown immensely. This was Twinnie at her best and she is only going to get better. A professional dancer as well as singer/songwriter, I can only imagine what her live shows will eventually come to be.

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