Glastonbury Blown Away by Carrie Underwood and her Energising, Rocking, Sensational Set

When Carrie Underwood announced her UK tour across June this year we, the fans all were hoping that she would play Glastonbury and not because we could necessarily go but just so that the Glastonbury festival goers can get to know this powerhouse vocalist and she can make a bigger name for herself in the UK. So of course, when Carrie was announced, fans celebrated even though at this point the festival as always had sold out and we couldn’t attend.

Carrie wasn’t only just playing Glastonbury but playing the Pyramid Stage which of course is one hell of a platform. Playing Saturday at 13.15 for an hour, we knew this moment was going to be special with so much exposure and undoubtedly will be a bucket list moment for Carrie and her band and something that they will all treasure forever. The fact Carrie’s set list was being televised on BBC IPlayer/Red button enabled the majority of her fans to see her set, albeit not in person but the next best thing.

Country music is really starting to finally get a good reputation in the UK and the crowd at the Pyramid stage, whether there for Carrie or not was huge.

An hour long set at the UK’s most iconic festival would surely mean squeezing in as many hits as possible and straying away from the usual tour set list.

Carrie appeared onto the stage with her guitar to immediately prove she is more than just a singer and she and her band were loud and rocking as she belted into Church Bells.

Crowd shots showed some die hard fans singing along right away and the entire audience seemed to be engaged and certainly blown away by her vocals. I am pretty sure some heads were turned and people made a bee line for the Pyramid stage once they heard her sing. It was certainly sounding pretty darn good on the tv.

The selection on songs were wisely picked and not many from current album Cry Pretty which was probably a smart move when you are attempting to win over an entirely new audience so big hits good idea.

Songs such as Cowboy Casanova and Last Name soared through the festival and I wasn’t even there in person but could feel it, I could even feel the good vibes. Carrie isn’t just a little country girl, her incredible vocals and infectious personality shone on stage and her confidence was beautiful to see. This isn’t just an audience full of fans of hers or even just country fans so I think I speak for every country fan watching when I say she did us all proud.

Very hot weather, Carrie rocked some denim shorts with her legs that everyone wants and she joked about having brought wellies with her which of course is pretty much customary at Glastonbury festival but she brought over that Nashville sun.

It was nice to see Wasted on the set list especially as it is a bit more down tempo and she can be heard a bit better. I did feel at times the music overpowered her but could be completely different being there in person. As always, Jesus Take The Wheel was a stunning moment and her voice clear, you could take in every word.

A favourite of mine, Flat on The Floor was next and if there was ever a country song to rock out to at Glastonbury then it is this one. New song from Cry Pretty album Southbound was next and gave a summer feeling atmosphere which was really exciting. The crowd never seemed to look away or be distracted and with all the audience shots shown, it was wonderful to not even see people talking, Carrie was owning this crowd and deservedly so but then we never had any doubt about that now did we?

Gorgeous and emotive track Just a Dream followed and Carrie added a twist to the song by blending it with Dream On by Aerosmith which sent electric waves in the air and showed just how much of a rock chick she is.

Love Wins sounded incredible live and Glastonbury knew how to show the love and was a very appropriate song to play at a festival such as Glastonbury.

The more dark track Two Black Cadillacs was up next and then the powerful Blown Away which of course was met by a blown away crowd. I adore this song live as it has such an incredible force and if she hadn’t quite won you over yet, she was bound to now. Cry Pretty followed and then the energy went up another level for Undo It. The catchy track had everyone dancing along.

One song I was hoping to be in the set list was Smoke Break and I was so glad when she performed it next. Something about Smoke Break makes me think that song would work so so well over here in the UK, even more so than some of her biggest hits. I wish the music was slightly less loud during the song but then again, it could have been completely different in person. The song is so good and so incredibly energetic live that it could have easily closed the set but of course she couldn’t possibly end it without Before He Cheats. When Carrie got the audience to sing along with the chorus it was emotional and beautiful to see and hear just how many people knew the words. It was a proud moment for sure.

What a moment and what a breakthrough for not just Carrie but country music too. I love that we could have all experienced her Glastonbury debut whether we were there or not. I am still on a high and am only in my living room watching on a laptop.

Well done Carrie, you will have undoubtedly made a whole new fanbase and the amount of newbies on Twitter who called her a headliner was overwhelming. It is safe to say that Glastonbury was blown away by her energising, Rockin’, sensational set.

Catch Carrie on tour in the UK now before it is too late.

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