Bailey Bryan ‘Owned It’ at The Fleece In Bristol – Live Review

Bailey Bryan made her UK debut back in 2017 at C2C Festival and we have been craving her return ever since. Hearing she was support for Lanco was even better; two great artists that we had come to love so much all in one night for a dang good price.

Bailey is like a breath of fresh air. Fresh is a word to use again but in her music. Fresh, current, relevant, catchy, poetic and clever. I say clever because Bailey’s music crosses many genres. It will appeal to so many fans of music of all genres and she has the potential to be a pretty big star. I just hope she gets the airplay and marketing to get there.

Beautiful, relatable and incredibly sweet, Bailey’s vocals are strong with a sense of vulnerability and wonderfully pretty at the same time.

Appearing on stage with just her guitar, Bailey had a full house. Telling the audience how refreshing it is to have a silent crowd and silent because they are listening and haven’t fallen asleep, Bailey had the audience hooked with her beautiful music and on stage persona. Mistakes were had on a few occassions: wrong chords, wrong words and not managing to get her guitar rightly tuned for her Drake cover. You could feel a sense of panic in her and I can only imagine she was thinking “oh shit” because she had to fill the time whilst working on her guitar but she needn’t have worried as we UK fans love that kind of thing. That little bit of a hiccup makes us feel connected and she handled it well.

Who has travelled the furthest?” she asks the crowd.

You” someone shouts back

Yeah that was like the dumbest question” she laughs and then says “after me then?

Lanco” someone shouts back.

Ok, so I am just going to leave” she said laughing.

That ice breaker made for a more comfortable finish on Bailey’s part and she certainly seemed more confident. Epic songs such as Own It had the crowd going and new fans certainly started to emerge.

Used To was delivered in a stunning way and she expressed how much the song means to her.

Playing some new songs as well as those from her current EP So Far. Bailey closed her set with her stunning and deep song Songbird and her current single Perspective which I must add is a “must listen” song. This song has the potential to be a huge hit. Its country, R&B and hip hop blendings are superb. I can also hear a collaboration in this song. If she can get some male artist to sing the second half as an alternative version then I think that would be really special and maybe release the two versions on some special format?

Bailey is an artist to attract all ages and there were some young girls at the front, maybe ten years old and under who just loved her and were so excited to meet her after the show at the merch booth. Bailey is a wonderful role model. Her music is inoffensive, well-written and her stage presence is natural and sweet. Someone who has suffered with all the normalities of being a young person such as skin issues, Bailey is someone to look up to because she isn’t ashamed of it and neither should anyone else be. We spoke quite in depth about that earlier in the evening as well as her having spinal surgery which understandably caused quite an affect on her life and from that her song Scars was created. (Interview to follow).

I hope Bailey makes a return to the UK soon and that her fan base continues to grow as she certainly deserves it.

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