C2C Festival 2019

Country 2 Country Festival (C2C) 2019: Drake White and the Big Fire – London O2 – Live Review

Drake White was a very happy addition to the main stage at this years C2C Festival. If anyone has earned that spot then it is him. Drake White and his band The Big Fire always put on a really energetic set and are always on fire (pun intended). The band have changed recently, same name but different members the only thing I did notice was Drake wasn’t as crazy on stage as he usually is but I am sure he will be again.

Starting off with It Feels Good from his album Spark, Drake White’s vocals fit perfectly with in an Arena and his voice bounced off the walls in their gritty, earthy, raw style. Most of the set consisted of songs from the Spark album but also from his current EP Pieces. Popular songs such as Story went down very well with a huge portion of the crowd singing along. Making Me Look Good Again was perfection! This song showcases the really soulful side to Drake’s voice and the melody of the song is beautiful. It is songs like this that set Drake apart from a lot of the artists in country music today, he never seems to release anything too poppy if at all and he is a naturally talented vocalist.

Closing the set with a Queen cover Fat Bottomed Girls, the crowd were really engagaing and if there was anyone left to yet be a Drake White fan, then they were sure to be one after his set. Again, as I mentioned above, I did miss the crazy element to his show where he falls all over the place and climbs on the side of the stage which couldn’t be done at the O2 but I do hope he hasn’t retired the crazy element in his own shows. Perhaps as the band get to know each other more we will see that side again. However, Drake White and The Big Fire did an amazing set and should really be much bigger than they are. I am sure it won’t be too long for them to be the next big thing.

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