C2C Festival 2019

Country 2 Country Festival (C2C) 2019: Cam – Live in London O2 Arena – Review

Cam has a voice that you could happily listen to all night long. With vocals that an arena was built for, her voice soared across the O2 Arena as the crowd fell silent to listen to her stunning vocal as she poured into her first song of the night Diane but it wasn’t long before everyone was singing along.

Diane created a energetic atmosphere that made everyone certain that C2C was going to be damn good this year.  Cam’s bouncy personality and infectious energy filled the arena and she captivated her entire audience. Mayday, a sensational track really got the crowd going before bringing the rockier edge with Runaway Train.

Sweet yet sassy, she tells stories of strong women, failed relationships and more. Showcasing new songs such as Forgetting You When I’m Alone and Till There’s Nothing Left her current sound may be leaning a little more toward pop but the country element is still very much there.

Bringing a couch in stage, Cam sings My Mistake and tells the audience that with all the songs men sing about women on a one night stand situation, women get quite a different reaction when they do it. “I have a story about your momma” she laughs before breaking into the track.

Last year Cam joined Sam Smith on stage at The O2 Arena to sing the song Palace that they wrote together. Speaking of the how she was asked to do so, she delivers a somewhat convincing British accent to sound like Sam which later turns Liverpudlian by accident. The funny story explains how she would appear by lift under the stage whilst in her heels. “Back home we call that a law suit” she giggles “but for you Sam, I’ll do it”. Continuing the story she explains how he said he would love to stand next to her on stage but he “has this giant staircase and it would be a shame not to use it”. Still laughing she says: “It was like a Romeo and Juliet situation but the straight woman singing up to the gorgeous gay man” (or something along those lines). Cam then sings a hauntingly beautiful version of Palace and stuns the audience.

Cam also performed Nothing Breaks Like A Heart from Miley Cyrus’ album Bangerz. A reaction unmissed when she mentions Miley’s name Cam says ” A mixed reaction there, but isn’t that the point of Miley Cyrus?” the song flowed into a version of Dolly Parton’s Jolene which of course Cam sung effortlessly.

Closing her set with Burning House, you could hear every voice in the O2 Arena and see every light from every hand “I didn’t even have to tell you all to do that” Cam cries.

A stunning set throughout, Cam is the real deal, a natural performer, a flawless vocalist. Cam is one of the most important artists in not just country music but music as a whole. The modern day Dolly Parton, Cam is sunshine – she beams happiness and brings warmth, relatability and positivity to everyone.

Cam represents so much in this industry and makes you wonder why there is even a problem with equality in the genre. As I said before, Cam is an artist you can listen to all night long, all day long! Hear that country radio? Hear that?

Set list:



Runaway Train

Forgetting You When I’m Alone

My Mistake


Till There’s Nothing Left

Nothing Breaks Like a Heart/ Jolene (Dolly Parton cover)

Burning House 

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