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Twinnie – Better When I’m Drunk – EP Review

2019 is Twinnie’s year. Eager to get her new music out for well over a year, the day is finally here for Twinnie’s second EP Better When I’m Drunk. Twinnie is one of the hardest working artists in the industry. Dedication isn’t even the word as it goes way beyond that with her travelling to and fro from Nashville, gigging, writing, you name it! I think Twinnie deserves a long sleep, after she celebrates of course.

Twinnie bridges the gap between country and pop within the UK and is an artist that non country fans will say “Wow, so ok, I do like country music after all”.

The title track Better When I’m Drunk has a strong radio friendly feel to it, in fact the song is so catchy and fun, you would think it was a song released by someone like Little Mix  (don’t mock, Little Mix are awesome).

Type of Girl sticks to the “fun pop” theme and is another catchy tune with a sassy edge.

Fans have been dying for a studio version of Superhero and won’t be left disappointed. Ballads is where I think Twinnie’s strengths lie. Superhero really showcases Twinnie’s vocal range and her sultry, smoky sound is incredibly infectious. The soft number is emotive and beautiful – to put it simply.

Twinnie knows how to be relevant and is the type of artist that can easily get away with any genre and still be on top of her game. The amount of big names that Twinnie has worked with on this EP shows how much respect and belief they have for her and just how much hard work has gone into her career over the last few years and that didn’t go unnoticed when BMG came knocking. Twinnie will appeal to fans on both sides of the Atlantic and way beyond.

The EP credits and collaborations include Nathan Chapman, Liz Rose, Dave Barns, Jon Green, Adam Argyle, Ryan Gore, Yei Gonzales, Jay Reynolds and Lucie Silvas.

We are so excited for Twinnie’s future, she is going to make her mark in the industry for sure.

Stream Better When I’m Drunk here

Purchase Better When I’m Drunk here

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