Ryan Hurd – Michigan For The Winter – Song Review

Well I am pretty happy that my first write-up of 2019 is on Ryan Hurd as I am a huge fan.

Ryan starts off the New Year with his new song Michigan For The Winter . Ryan co wrote the song with Aaron Eshuis and the Cadillac Three’s Neil Mason and it is the follow-up to his single he released last summer titled To a T.

An easy listening song with a chilled, wintery vibe and a feel-good melody, Michigan For The Winter is a sweet song despite being about a break up. The chorus has a cool, smooth way about it and whilst I like it on first listen, I am hoping to love it the more I hear it. It has made me want to go to Michigan though….in the winter.

Check out the song below.

I think 2019 is going to be a big year for Ryan Hurd, there is so much to like about him; great songwriter, great singer, great performer and a really nice guy.

Listen to Michigan For The Winter here

Purchase Michigan For The Winter here

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