Stories Behind The Songs: The Live Version – Calibama Perform An Acoustic Version Of Their Single “Sierra”.

Rising Duo Calibama bring a lot of energy and excitement to the genre with a twist; Blending Pop-Punk, Alternative Rock with Country Music and Southern Rock: Calibama are infectious and edgy.

Nathan Hooks and Steve Scilasi share an acoustic version of their single Sierra exclusively for BOON and the story behind it. We love this song, it has elements of some of our favourite southern rock artists as well as having a unique stamp to it. The song has a rock heavy sound even acoustically with the help of Nathan’s naturally raw, husky and tangy vocals and Steve’s energetic guitar playing. This song backed by entire band would be mind blowing and electric but right now, we are loving the acoustic version a lot and it shows how the duo are natural performers. We would love to catch a show one day as can guarantee it will be a wild one. Check out the video below;



About Calibama

Combining West Coast and Southern influences, Calibama is truly a one-of-a-kind band that stands out among the many artists in country music today. The energetic and highly charismatic group leaves a lasting impression on every audience, with a fresh new sound and stage performance that has never been seen in this genre. The blending of pop-punk/alternative rock with country, and a touch of southern rock, came about naturally when Steve Scilasi (songwriter, Lead Guitar), Angela Anagnostopoulos (Co-founder, songwriter, creative partner), and Nathan Hooks (Lead Vocals), began making music together.

A Monroeville, Alabama native, Nathan grew up singing country classics, developing a natural and soulful tone. Not far from Gulf Shores, he soon came to also love the pop/rock/alternative music that is popular in that area. This helped make him unique, with an edge to match Steve’s melodic, yet intense, style of guitar playing. Steve hails from Los Angeles, California, one of the breeding grounds for Pop-Punk. He got to play the same venues that gave these, and many classic rock bands, their start. Steve also grew up with an appreciation for country music. His aunt and uncle live on a ranch, and during frequent visits, artists like Garth Brooks and Brad Paisley were heard in the house, and while driving in their pickup truck.

Little did he know at the time, this infuence would later help him musically mesh with his future frontman, and his creative partner, Angela. An optioned screenwriter, Angela is equally talented as a songwriter, and has a degree in Music and Video Production. Her love for country music began as a young child, when her mother took her to a George Strait concert. It continued as a 99.9 Kiss FM country radio station intern, and ultimately led to obtaining an EP production deal in Nashville with New Voice Entertainment (members of Jason Aldean’s band).

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