Quick Fire Five – Baylen Leonard – Christmas Edition

US native but UK based Radio DJ; Nashville Nights DJ and creator of Festival The Long Road; Baylen Leonard is a very important part of the country music movement within the UK.

With the massive success of this years first ever Long Road Festival, we had to ask Baylen what he loved about Christmas on what will hopefully be for him, a very well deserved break.

Keep an eye on the Long Road Festival website here for tickets, line up and info for 2019.

What do you look forward to at Christmas the most/where will you be?

The food, the lights, the weather, I love it all. I also love that last minute shopping rush, I’m one of those people that leaves it to the last minute but I love running around the shops in a mad dash. This year everyone is coming to my place in London, which I’m really looking forward to. It’s usually in either Scotland or Tennessee, but everyone is coming to me this year.

Favourite food or drink at Christmas?

Good ol Southern Devilled eggs and maple glazed ham. I know everyone is all about turkey but as an American I get my turkey fix in Nov with Thanksgiving. Christmas where I’m from is all about ham!

Christmas Family Tradition?

One side of the family opens their gifts on Christmas eve, the other side Christmas day but my own tradition is Bailey’s in coffee first thing in the morning.

Favourite Christmas song?

Country Christmas by Loretta Lynn has always been my favourite. There is a new-sh version and I love it just as much as the old version. It really paints a picture of what Christmas is like back home.

Favourite Christmas Movie and why?

Anything animated! …that could be the breakfast Bailey’s talking.

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