An Evening With Lucie Silvas at The Courtyard Theatre in London – Live Review

Just for the record, this was more than just a gig, this was a party just for the fans. No gimmicks, no rehearsed speeches and no official set list. Well…a set list existed but Lucie didn’t stick it as she said “any requests, let me know“.

The Courtyard Theatre was almost in the middle of nowhere and Lucie’s show was in the basement in a room too small for someone of her standard but we weren’t complaining. Standing room only, the dark and very hot room was full of die-hard Lucie Silvas fans.

Lucie took to the stage to a roaring crowd with her band members, one of which was Jon Green, who also produced her album E.G.O and is a life long friend and an amazing artist in his own right. Jon is otherwise known as The Bonfires and has written for many artists including the song Catapult for Jack Savoretti.

Starting with her single Kite from the new album E.G.O fans were already going crazy.

Please sing along, I love it when you do” Lucie said to the crowd. Oh to have had a pocket microphone and waltz down to the stage at that point was a joke my friend and I made at the time. It was a loud chorus of voices though, for every song.

Seeing Lucie live is something very special but seeing her live in such an intimate, warm (not just literally) setting is something incredible. There were nothing but hardcore fans here. The show felt as if we were all gathered in her living room whilst she treated us with some of our favourite songs. Christmas had definitely arrived and the fact this show took place on the first day of December was even more fitting. The perfect 1st Window to a fun filled calendar for sure.

You know what? The night was so fun I can’t even remember the set list in order but this epic show was over two hours long. Two hours? It didn’t even feel like that and that just shows what an incredible performer Lucie is as we could have quite easily been there all night.

Lucie’s set consisted of most of her Letters To Ghosts album apart from Shame which was a shame haha. Of course songs from her current album E.G.O were played including First Rate Heartbreak, Black Jeans and Smoking Your Weed which included a funny story about how a friend who used to come over to her house a lot as he had a crush on a another friend of theirs but Lucie and her husband (John Osborne) were like “She’s just smoking your weed” and they decided to write a song about it. Other E.G.O tracks included the title track and her sensational track Just For The Record. Fans from the start of Lucie’s career were not left disappointed as she sang, What Your Made Of, Breathe In and some others.

There were a few times during a few songs including Villain, Pull The Stars Out and an early track where Lucie hilariously forget the words but that just made it even more special because her fans sang them to her and helped her through the lyrics. It made the night more intimate.

Lucie often spoke of her husband John Osborne of Brothers Osborne fame. Relationship goals, Lucie and John make marriage look like a fairytale and you couldn’t help bet get choked up when she dedicated songs to him and told us of how happy her life in Nashville with him is. Not in it for the fame, glory or money, Lucie describes how good life is out of the spotlight and how dangerous life can be if you just want to be “seen” all the time. I Want You All To Myself a gorgeous ballad written for her husband was incredibly emotive and we kind of wished John was there in the crowd but alas he was in Cardiff at Planet Rock Stock Festival. 

Lucie was also joined on staged by good friend and singer/songwriter Anna Krantz who was really quite something. Lucie explained “I invited Anna to play as I love her music and i also needed somewhere to stay”. Anna has such beautiful vocals and she sang one of her own tracks which was lyrically and sonically stunning. I will definitely be looking her up from now on. If someone knows the song she sang, please let me know.

Another friend to Lucie and fellow country singer/songwriter; Twinnie and friend of BOON in the professional sense stood at the back with us shouting “ROOTS” as loudly as we could. One of the best tracks from the Letters To Ghosts album, we were almost certain Lucie would not play this until she came back on stage to do an encore. Twinnie ran to the front screaming “ROOOTS, SHE’S PLAYING ROOTS”. How wonderful to see a good friend of Lucie’s be so excited for her music. Lucie’s cover of You’ve Got It is one of the best versions of the Roy Orbison track and probably on par with the Bonnie Raitt version if not better. Lucie proved her absolutely outstanding, soulful vocals with all her songs including a phenomenal cover of The Jackson Five’s Who’s Lovin’ You. Why Lucie isn’t the biggest selling artist in the UK and beyond is beyond me. So much better than artists who storm the charts such as Adele both vocally and songwriting wise, Lucie needs to be selling out headline shows at The Royal Albert Hall.

This was the perfect way to end the year gigwise. I think I would even go as far as to say this was the gig of the year. It wasn’t just Lucie that made that so though, it was her band, her connection with the audience and the atmosphere of her biggest fans making this night unforgettable.

A captivating performance in every way, Please don’t leave it too long till you come back Lucie.



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