10cc – Live at Weymouth Pavillion – Live Review

Founding member Graham Gouldman (on bass), drummer Paul Burgess (who joined for the first tour in 1973) and lead guitarist Rick Fenn (joining in 1976) not forgetting Keith Hayman on keyboards, bass and guitar after joining the band in 2000 and latterly the multi talented Iain Hornal, bringing their considerable musical art and anecdotal sense of humour, yet again, to Weymouth!

This was my 2nd time of seeing this extremely talented vintage group and they gave an amazing performance yet again. Kicking off with Wall Street Shuffle followed by favourites such as Life is a Minastrone, Dreadlock Holiday and I’m Not In Love (a personal favourite) brought such nostalgia to much of the audience who were from the era of the band’s peak, but also their younger fans seemed equally enthralled.

Their individual musical skills are reflected fully in their live performances. They need no frills to portray how good they are. Just some cleverly linked lighting to highlight different songs and a clever prerecorded video link to Kevin Godley in Los Angeles, which was magic in itself with a quick eerie glimpse of a Lol Creme portrait!

A standing ovation followed by 3 encores. Going Home, Donna (a truly comic sketch; their first single ‘Donna’, performed as a barbershop quartet around one microphone, with drummer Paul joining and closing on a low note) and a fantastic finale of, of course, Rubber Bullets.

The humble side of 10cc showed when at the end Graham Goulding announced that they would be meeting and ‘signing anything’ at the merchandise stall in the foyer. As I left the building there they all were, the full band, seated at a white cloth covered table with a foyer-filled queue excitedly waiting to meet these legends. This would be going on until midnight I think before the band can battle the elements to their enormous StarSleeper parked harbour side.
If only I had the energy! I’m going home…..

Review by Carole Moody


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