Kevin McGuire – As Good As It Gets – Review

Is Kevin McGuire the UK’s answer to a mainstream country -pop breakthrough act? Is he the answer to a UK version of Hunter Hayes? A UK version of Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett, Dan + Shay all rolled into one? Is he the answer to finally getting a UK act to be mainstream not just in the UK but also in the US? I think so, don’t you?

Kevin has it all really doesn’t he? He has those cheeky chappy yet adorbale and friendly looks, a personality to match that, vocals that suit any genre and the skills to pay his bills with awesome songwriting both lyrically and melodically.

We love Kevin, we just wanna sit him on our shelf and feel happy everytime we see him. All the music he has put out in the past has really been quite astonishing because it is so different to most of the UK country artists at the moment. Kevin just seems to get it – he knows what works and what doesn’t and perhaps that is partly down to his youth. He is one of the cool kids for sure but I suspect there is a tiny element of geek in there too. When we interviewed him a while back he started flipping out halfway through because it was snowing, we knew we liked him in that moment.

So, we just mentioned that his music is mainstream worthy, it fits within the US market too and his new single As Good As It Gets out today (November 2nd) is no exception. As Good As It Gets is a nice sweet love song about risking his heart for love and being a little bit afraid of getting it hurt. The song has an addictive melody which has an energetic chorus. I mean this song could easily be on the US country charts. If he was out there in Nashville working the scene he would be picked up by a major label by now and be on tour with some of the biggest names. What I want for Kevin is to jump on tour in the UK with likes of artists like Dan + Shay et al.

Is this as good as it gets? No way, expect big things from Kevin. His music is awesome and he likes snow.

Purchase As Good As It Gets here

Listen to As Good As It Gets here

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