Interview: Catching up with Danielle Bradbery at The Long Road Festival

US country singer/songwriter Danielle Bradbery received such a warm welcome during her first UK visit back in March as part of C2C Festival that she was immediately booked for the inaugural Long Road Festival in September.

Danielle was one of the biggest names on the bill and drew a massive crowd. A big crowd for a big voice is rather fitting and certainly deserved.

We caught up for a brief five mins with Danielle before her set. As always, Danielle was a delight to talk with. Her humble personality is very inviting and she is like talking to friend.

Hi Danielle – How does it feel to be back in the UK?

Oh man, it is so exciting to be back. I was so excited when they told me that I could come back. The fans are unbelievable and it is always fun to share my music with all of you guys.

C2C was your first time here – How was that for you?

C2C was a lot fun and a cool first experience of getting to know the fans over here and just sharing my music like I said and for the first time over here was a moment that I will never forget.

Everyone knew the words to all your songs.

They did haha and I was shocked, I was like “Dang, Y’all know your stuff haha”

Oh yeah, haha!

You had your songwriters session this morning, how was that because you arrived in the UK a couple of days ago and probably still jet lagged and then had an AM songwriters show.

Yeah! I did the songwriters round and it was really awesome, a lot of fans showed up and they were singing that early in the morning.

Tell us about Goodbye Summer with Thomas Rhett – it is titled Hello Summer on your album but I guess now Summer has gone, you had to change the title?

Yeah I know haha. Yeah the current single that I am on, a lot of people probably recognise from my second record called Hello Summer. We wanted an up beat song for the next single – it was Thomas Rhett’s song so he told me he wanted to hear a female vocal on it and so having it as a single we were like, ok, we are going to change it up a little and call it Goodbye Summer and have Thomas Rhett sing on it. A lot of people were excited about that and he was excited to come back to his own song so it all worked out haha.

You are both coming over in November so we are very excited about that.

Yeah, 17th November, me, Devin Dawson and Thomas Rhett.

So are we going to hear you sing Goodbye Summer together?

I don’t know, we haven’t talked about it but I am pretty sure something will happen.

You will also be going out with Kane Brown in the states?

Yes, it starts next year. I am really happy that he asked me to come out with him because I am a big fan and he is awesome so it is going to be amazing.

Tell us about Harry Potter Universal…Is it Worth it? See what I did there?

Hahaha It was definitely worth it, I love Harry Potter so it was fun!

Butter beer? Be honest …I couldn’t stand it.

I loved it, a lot of people didn’t it is really sweet.

Thank you so much for chatting today.

Thank you

We look forward to seeing you in November

I can’t wait to come back.

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