Interview: Twinnie discusses new music, Tea with Twinnie, performing with Bryan Adams and more.

If there was ever a UK country singer/songwriter who I truly believed could reach global success then it is Twinnie. Still yet to release an album (which will be released in 2019) Twinnie has worked her socks off the last few years writing music, playing shows and doing tiny things such as performing with Bryan Adams…wait! That’s HUGE!

Twinnie has been back and forth from Nashville writing with many well established writers which include her good friend Lucie Silvas. With a string of already loved tracks amongst her fans such as Home, Cool, Lie To Me, Superhero and more, Twinnie should be releasing her debut single in October since her signing with her record label BMG.

Twinnie is responsible for co writing some of The Shires songs such as Black and White and First Flight Out. With her sunny disposition, Twinnie will always have you entertained during her live shows with not just her voice and music but her personality too. This personality has brought a new partnership with CountryLine TV where Twinnie hosts a series called Tea With Twinnie. Tea with Twinnie is like an interview process in a relaxed environment where Twinnie interviews country artists. Download the app here

Twinnie will also be supporting Russell Dickerson during Country Music Week at The Borderline Saturday October 27th.

We caught up with Twinnie after her set at The Long Road Festival. We always enjoy chatting to Twinnie as she is so down to earth and very kind.


Hi Twinnie – How are you?

I’m good!

How have your sets been (At The Long Road Festival) ?

Good, really good. It was brilliant, both sets were and the crowds were really up for it. I didn’t know what to expect because it is the first Long Road but it has been brilliant. The first night they were crazy and then today also amazing. I love country music fans because they really do appreciate the song. The Friday night I was playing at the same time as Ward Thomas and I thought there would literally be about five people in the audience but it was packed out. What I loved about the shows (The Long Road) was that they were indoors (Honky Tonk Stage) which was so perfect for me and I really appreciate having the opportunity.

The Honky Tonk was brilliantly designed too –  all the decorations were amazing.

It is incredible. I think that this is going to be one of the festivals that is going to grow like C2C and get bigger and bigger every year and I just can’t wait for that. Next time, hopefully if they have me back I will have music out.

Yes, it has been an amazing first year and I think we all knew it would be because we trust Baylen, fans, artists everyone does. In Baylen we trust haha

Yep! Haha!

You have some new material now –  tell us about some of the newish songs, and new album in the works. This is especially exciting for us as you were one of the first artists we ever wrote about.

I know, you have known me for such a long time now. Yeah, I got signed last year and we are building it slowly, the campaign. I have got a single out in October called Better When I’m Drunk and the album will be next year. There will be singles in between and videos and stuff. We are getting support slots and I am supporting Russell Dickerson when he comes over for Country Music Week.

Tell us about Tea with Twinnie as that looks fun.

Tea with Twinnie is a little thing that I have joined up with CountryLine to do. It is little episodes where I talk to artists – it is like a video podcast. It is a little video about getting to know me a bit more and my personality and talking to artists like Lucie Silvas who I have known for about eight years. I have done a lot of different things like writing with Ben Earle before he formed The Shires and I have sung with Bryan Adams at Cornbury which is ridiculous so I wanted to showcase the people who have helped my journey and me as an artist and the support that I have received because from an audience point of view, no one really knows me. There is so much work that goes into making an album, writing or even getting in the writing rooms. It is a lot of hard work before you have even started. Tea with Twinnie is kind of my way of thanking the people who have helped me and also talking to people that I don’t know and just having a different perspective on their journey. Basically I am just nosey and like talking to people.

Who else is on line up?

I’ve got some from here (The Long Road) it will be like a special edition.

How have the Joshua Hedley tour dates been?

Really good, he is brilliant, he is like old school country. He reminds me of The Mavericks. I love all that stuff. I really had to up my outfit game and he wasn’t impressed with that haha, jokingly. I had to though because he has some amazing suits.

Let’s go back to the Bryan Adams thing. So I was there, my friend and I saw your set at the Café Nero stage and later heard that he was in the Café Nero crowd. We didn’t notice, probably even sat next to him haha but tell us what happened after your set?

He saw my set and came backstage with a couple of his friends and I knew he was headlining that day but I didn’t know that he was in the audience with a cap on. He came backstage and said “great voice, great set” and I said “Aww thank you so much” and you know when you’re a bit taken back and I was like ‘this is Bryan Adams who I grew up listening to and this is so crazy.’ Then he said “Do you want to sing with me?” And I was like “What now?” And he said “No, tonight on stage” I was like “What?” He then said “Do you know the song It’s Only Love?” And I was like “Haha yeah, of course yeah yeah”.

So anyway, I didn’t know it, truth be told so I spent 45 minutes in my car learning it and it is a hard song to sing and I was ill for my set so going off trying to scream those notes I was like… but it was one of those situations where I had never worn in ears, never played in front of that many people before, it was nerve wrecking to even perform. But when I got on the stage I just did it, it was weird, it was such a weird experience because I can’t remember it either. I watch it back and I think, don’t play it, I must sound awful. What an incredible opportunity for him to give me though and he has become a dear friend. That just shows that other artists know how hard it is. The music industry has changed so much that you need all the help that you can get. That is why I appreciate country music fans so much because they really do love the music and that means everything. I pour my heart and soul out into these songs and for people to just stop and listen or sing them back is like the best feeling on earth and that’s what I live for.

Well I thought your performance with Bryan Adams was fab, we were so happy for you.

Thank you!

It will only grow bigger, your fan base that is as it has grown and grown since the first time I saw you and it has been such a wonderful thing to witness.

Oh thanks, I still think no one knows who I am.

They do, the crowds are getting much bigger, look at C2C and here, full crowds. Well Thanks so much for chatting today, we always appreciate your time.

Thank you, you have always supported me from the start so I hope to have more conversations.


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