Ferris and Sylvester – CountryFile Live – Summer Party – Live Review

Ferris and Sylvester are an exciting country/americana/folk duo from Streatham, UK. One of the most interesting duo’s in the UK both musically and personally, Ferris & Sylvester have been booked at just about every UK festival going including Cornbury, British Summer Time, Wilderness and of course the first ever Countryfile Live Summer Party.

It is a great thing to have BBC Radio 2 supporting your music as opportunities arise that enable a wide audience to discover you and last nights Countryfile Live was a great example of that.

Kicking off the Summer Party, which was held in the grounds of Bleinhem Palace, Oxfordshire as part of the weekends Countryfile Live – Ferris & Sylvester were met by a massive and eager crowd.

The layout of the concert area was impressive and cosy. Much like the weekends theme of farming, hay bales were scattered across the fenced off arena with a large standing area in the centre. This set up made it comfortable for everyone; families, people who wanted to chill out, everyone.

Introduced by Bob Harris, Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester began their set with an exceptional rendition of Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks which the duo had previously recorded as part of a BBC Radio session. Already wowing the crowd with their sensational harmonies, Issy and Archie also impressed with their individual voices which soared throughout the countryfile live grounds.

Already gaining the crowds attention with Waterloo Sunset, Ferris and Sylvester then rocked into their original material which proved popular amongst the crowd. Archie gave a very electrifying performance with his wicked guitar skills and their entire set was wonderfully loud and powerful.

Telling the crowd about recording their EP Made In Streatham in their kitchen in their flat in Streatham, the pair played songs such as London Blues and Better in Yellow – the latter in particular had the crowd beaming as Issy and Archie said the song was for anyone wearing yellow. As they were singing the song a young boy who we later learned was named Joshua was front and centre on the shoulders of a parent wearing a bright yellow t – shirt and singing along to their songs, “This one is for you Joshua ” shouted Archie.

Traditional country music was alive and well with their cover of Johnny Cash’s Jackson which was superb as a harmony piece. Closing the set with above mentioned London’s Blues which holds a strong country feel and a very authentic sound, Ferris & Sylvester clearly formed a solid fanbase from CountryFile Live and I for one am excited to see them again.

Set List

Waterloo Sunset


Better In Yellow



London’s Blues

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