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Shriekback — Why Anything? Why This? — Album — First Look

English band Shriekback was formed in 1980 from the punk movement and the band is back with the powerful Why Anything? Why This?

The group’s 14th studio album is Shriekback refocused, reinvented and reinvigorated. Whilst the album retains the hallmark feel of previous work a county influence has snuck into the band’s latest offering, including the introduction of slide guitar.

Church of The Louder Light would fit well on the Waterboys’ latest offering. Sons Of The Dirt echoes Jim White’s Ten Miles On a Nine Mile Road.

Standout track from the album is And The Rain which is dark and infectious, conjuring up the steamy, swampy south – complete with talk of cowboys and Jack Daniels. The sound is dense and compelling, with a strong Bo Diddley beat from Martyn Barker and a charismatic growling vocal from Carl Marsh.

Fans of Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Jim White and The Waterboys should give it a spin.
And The Rain
And The Rain
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