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Lexie Green – Indigo Blue – EP Review

Lexie Green is a singer/songwriter from Cambridgeshire who describes her influences as Americana, Rock and Vintage Blues.

Lexie Green & The Indigo Blue’ are a ‘live’ band, performing all original songs written by Lexie and her music is regularly being aired on Country / Roots and Americana radio plus airplay on BBC Introducing Cambridge and 6 Music.

Lexie is set to release her latest EP Indigo Blue on October 5th.

Lexie has a strong, mature, slightly deep voice with a rich, flawless natural tone. With a voice like Lexie’s, she could easily fit within any genre and still excel but Country/Blues certainly suits her stylings more.

Lexie’s music is fun, uplifting and at times very emotive. Her vocal delivery is exceptional and I can imagine that live, she would be even more powerful.

Kicking off the EP in energetic form, you can’t help but feel the need to dance along to the opening track I’m Gonna Dance. The slight “line-dancing” number is fun – loving and high spirited and a real feel – good, let your hair down moment.

The blues/Jazz/country track Good Days really showcases Lexie’s vocal control and is one of those toe-tappin’ tunes that holds beautiful instrumentation throughout. The instrumental segment is really empowering and you get completely lost in the song by its enticing, hypnotic melody as you often do with any Jazz or Jazz infused music.

5 Miles from Memphis has an infectious beat and has a slight Cowboy Junkies feel to it blended with a bit of K.D.Lang and Indigo Girls. The melody is wonderful in its simplicity and that simple hook is sometimes (and in this case) wonderfully refreshing and quite relaxing.

Needle In A Haystack is a stunning bluesy tune and Lexie’s vocals in this song show true emotion. Reminiscent to artists such as Joan Armatrading and Melissa Etheridge, Needle In A Haystack pulls at the heartstrings and you really feel every word and every note.

Things pick up again and get a little more country with Gasoline It. The traditional sounds of Gasoline It are infectious and exciting and again, get you movin’ and would probably be quite something in a live setting.

The EP closes with a more Folk/Country number You & I which is a sweet, storytelling song that shows a more softer, inviting and homely side to not just Lexie’s songwriting but her voice too. This is probably my favourite track off of the EP – It really brings out a more honeyed tone in Lexie’s singing and I love a story in a song. The sweet sounds of the fiddle brings more light to the song and overall, it is very delightful.

If you want country – pop, then you are not going to find it here. Lexie Green’s music holds a more authentic and traditional UK sound that true lovers of music will appreciate and love.

Listening to this EP in general screams live music and I can imagine that despite how good Lexie sounds on a recording, it doesn’t infact do her real justice. A well crafted and beautifully sung EP that is simply charming.

Indigo Blue will be released on October 5th – Find out more on Lexie and her music here:

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