Lucie Silvas – Kite – Song Review

Since Lucie Silvas made quite the come back and quite the impact in country music with her album Letters to Ghosts, we at BOON have been addicted – how can we not be with that voice? As I have mentioned many times before, why is Lucie not one of the worlds most known vocalists? Her raspy, smoky vocal is infectious and her talent for songwriting is extraordinary.

Fans and BOON too have been eagerly awaiting new music from Lucie since Letters To Ghosts. This month, Lucie returns with the song Kite which is the third release from her forthcoming album E.G.O set to be released in August. Lucie previously released the double release and fan favourite Just For The Record/My Old Habits.

Kite is everything you would expect from Lucie and more. With Kite, Lucie doesn’t shy away from revealing her vocal ability and treats us with a bit more sass during this song. Kite has quite a dark, hypnotic melody to it and is pretty hard to place genre wise but then again does genre really matter? What it does have is elements of Rock and a slight smoky Jazz feel to it but again, cannot pinpoint an exact style. The song is fresh, mature and full of attitude and we love it!

I wanted to capture a woman’s inability to be held down,” Silvas tells Billboard of the song’s high-flying metaphor. That even without any real sense of direction of where she is going, she wants to be free to just go wherever the wind takes her. Her spirit can get her in trouble sometimes, but it’s what keeps her feeling alive.”

Living in Nashville, Lucie has made a lot of effort over the last few years to return home to the UK on numerous occasions and will be returning in November/December with Brothers Osborne. This tour is bound to be a phenomenal one if not gig of the year. Brothers Osborne alone are one of the best live acts you will ever see and Lucie sets the bar pretty high herself. With John Osborne being her husband and the Brothers and her writing together often, it is highly likely she will join them on stage and it will be a show you do not want to miss.

Lucie’s album E.G.O is out on August 24th and can be pre ordered here and pre saved here

Listen to Kite here

Purchase Kite here

More info on E.G.O can be found here

E.G.O. track listing:
1. “Kite”
2. “Girls From California”
3. “Smoking Your Weed”
4. “I Want You All to Myself”
5. “Black Jeans”
6. “First Rate Heartbreak”
7. “Everything Looks Beautiful”
8. “People Can Change”
9. “My Old Habits”
10. “Just For the Record”
11. “E.G.O.”
12. “Change My Mind”

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