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Lisa Wright – Mind of Mine – EP Review

We love Lisa Wright here at BOON and think she is one of the UK country music’s most talented artists. Her natural tone is really sweet  yet strong and lovely to listen to.

With a lot of competition out there at the moment to not only be an ambassador if you will for the UK scene but to also be comparable to the high standards of the US country scene, Lisa definitely ticks all the boxes. The entire EP has been carefully and cleverly thought through with each detail, whether that be vocal, instruments, production and so on has been so well crafted and for an unsigned act, it is quite astonishing. Why isn’t she signed again?

Lisa seems to write from the heart and from experience and often writes material that is not only relatable but easy to connect with lyrically and melodically making you want to sing or hum along immediately.

Tennessee is a gorgeous track that has a wonderful steady flow about it . The track is mid tempo with a strong Nashville sound which of course is rather fitting with the tracks title and premise. The mid tempo melody is also slightly downhearted which makes the slight pessimistic lyrics speak volumes as they are likely relatable to a large amount of artists.

Lisa’s writing is a prime example of, if artists were happy all the time, what would they have to write about? A bad day can bring the most positive spin and in this case, it brought the stunning song Tennessee.

Never Gonna Fall screams US country radio as has a very addictive melody and a lot of detailed country instrumentation but it is Mind of Mine which has completely captivated me. Title track Mind of Mine has a sort of female Charlie Worsham way about it and a bit of Indigo Girls and I can also hear it as a duet and hope maybe one day she and Charlie can think about doing that for a special live version? This track in particular shows off Lisa’s vocal ability and she just makes it seem so easy. This is a song I would play on repeat.

The EP closes with the gorgeous Giving Up The Ghost which has more of a folk music feel to it and ends the EP in a stunning drifting off to a dream world sort of way. The beautifully chilling tune really grabs you and to put it simply, it really is just gorgeous.

Apart from the previously mentioned, Lisa reminds me of someone and I cannot put my finger on who. I do hear elements of Mindy Smith, a more pop version of Margo Timmims but there is someone else…it is driving me crazy!

I have said it before but Lisa Wright really deserves a lot more recognition and I hope that Bob Harris and other Radio DJ’s and such take her under their wing if they haven’t already and if they have then to champion her a lot more.

1. Tennessee – Lisa Wright / Kaity Rae
2. Never Gonna Fall In Love – Lisa Wright
3. Mind of Mine – Lisa Wright
4. Giving Up The Ghost – Lisa Wright / Jake Etheridge

Listen to Mind of Mine here

Purchase Mind of Mine here


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