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Brothers Osborne – Port Saint Joe – Album Review

Brothers Osborne are pretty much a genre in themselves. They cannot be defined by a genre but simply by their craft and their craft is of undeniable talent that is pretty much timeless.

Pawn Shop was sensational but Port Saint Joe is sensational, exceptional and phenomenal. The sounds that TJ and John produce within their music is so deliciously exciting to listen to that you can’t help but crank it up loud and the fact that the sun is shining right now makes it sound even better.

TJ’s baritone voice is so desirable that you could hear it all day long. The entire album is full of rockin’, hardcore country music that screams live music and if you have seen Brothers Osborne live then you know that they give an electrifying, energetic performance that is hard to beat so this album would translate very well in a live setting to an insanely good degree.

Kicking off the album with Slow Your Roll you are instantly taken in to what is to be a contender for album of the year. Brothers Osborne seem to blend traditional outlaw country with modern country rock and dark swampy country sounds so well.

Shoot Me Straight was the first hint we got of what Port Saint Joe would be like and the rest of the album does not disappoint and keeps an equally and at times more gratifyingly good and highly energetic vibe.

The instrumentation throughout is wicked, slick and mind blowing. Instrumental segments of songs such as Shoot Me Straight take me back to the funky, electric sounds of Blood Sugar Sex Magik from Red Hot Chili Peppers and there is no way that you can’t be attentive when listening to such moments.

There is so much beauty in I Don’t Remember Me (Before You) a mid tempo tune with a lot of emotion and great lyrics with a 90’s/ early 00’s twist.

Weed Whiskey and Willie is Brothers Osborne version of a ballad perhaps but also has a strong sense of church music and traditional country that has a modern edge.

Tequila Again has a folk story telling style to it. Its rhythmic beat is infectious and the song has some wonderful banjo playing it it.

A Couple Of Wrongs Makin’ It Alright is a fun tune with a fun energy about it, it is like a tv show theme but better.

Pushing Up Daisies is another ballad styled song with a strong electric feel and a stunning slow country rock melody.

Drank Like Hank is a very loud rockin’ track with an exciting chorus that is easy to sing a long to and a definite drinking song that you would hope to be on their shows set list.

A Little Bit Of Trouble has a great electric blues and Jazz style to it with some slick guitar work and the album closes with While You Still Can which has quite a sweet way about it. The lyrics are passionate and relatable with a very homely, warm and dreamy melody that also has a sense of longing in it which is well written both sonically and lyrically.

Lyrically, Brothers Osborne are incredibly smart and poetic with an incredible way of making words flow so smoothly and fluently and musically they deliver an incredibly powerful collection of sounds that are so atmospheric and beautiful to listen to.

Port Saint Joe is one hell of a captivating and almost indescribable album that is just bloody brilliant. If you want to be blown away by an artist then buy this album and then go see them live.


Listen to Port Saint Joe here

Purchase Port Saint Joe here

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