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Stories Behind The Songs: Sean Austin Band on the songs off EP Break The Doors Down

Country Rock music is becoming increasingly more popular and with artists such as Jason Aldean keeping the sound on country radio and high up on the charts, it is only going to become even more so. With country rock music, you not only want to rock out but you want to be able to have a good time with friends and sing along obnoxiously loud to a good drinkin’ song or two and Sean Austin’s music certainly delivers on all those.

Crank It To Ten is a great example of a heavy, hard hitted yet feel good rockin’ tune. If this song doesn’t give you a sudden burst of energy then I don’t know what will. Whilst we all love our up beat tunes, we need a good down tempo country rock ballad every now and again which is what we get with Fire & Water. The song is emotional in the melody alone but Sean’s emotive and passionate vocals bring it to an even more affecting level. Southern Comfort delivers a nice mid tempo sound with a catchy chorus and Crazy Love brings a familiar Nashville sound to the EP which instantly transports me to the heart of Nashville, I just wish it was literally.

Salt Life is a great story telling song with another catchy melody and the strong use of traditional country instruments is sharp and inviting.

It’s A Girl Thing brings the EP to a close but in great upbeat and fun form. The energy behind the song is exciting and toe tappin’. All the songs have a strong live music sound which makes you want to hear them live where more often than not, the songs translate to a much bigger, atmospheric and more energised way.

We were rather intrigued by the songs and asked Sean to give us a bit of insight of the stories and creative process behind his music, I hope you enjoy!

Artist: Sean Austin Band

Songs: Crank It To Ten, Fire & Water, Southern Comfort, Crazy Live, Salt Life, It’s A Girl Thing.

Crank It To Ten

The first thing I wrote was the music and the riff in my head walking around work one day a few years ago, then started singing lyrics in like a freestyle mode and going I might be on to something here and when I got home that day I was able to write this song. This song is all about loving playing music and feeling that energy from the crowds and just having a great big time. I knew especially after cutting it in the studio that this was the perfect song to kick off our show and the Ep.

Fire & Water- I wrote this song about personal and other people around me experiences and relationships. The funny thing behind this one is I wrote this song 3 weeks before I was getting married and my fiancé at the time, now my wife was the first to hear the song & she definitely was wondering what sparked this idea so close to our wedding lol. I said that to say this happens to be her favorite song on the EP and it’s also my kids favorite as well. This song I’ve had so many people come up and say it’s like I took their story and made a song because it affected them good and bad and that’s what it’s all about.

Southern ComfortThis is my attempt to write what you would call a Sexy Song, Lol!!! I wrote this a few years ago and I played it out live for awhile and people responded well to it and when it came to time to make a record I brought this song in with my producer Shayne Hill Lead Guitarist for Sawyer Brown. When got in the studio we dialed back some of the imagery from the original write of the song and focused more on relating to whiskey more and how you drink whiskey but it still all in relation to making love. After we cut the song I felt it was a unique spin on a song about the subject it’s about. I released this as the first single back in 2016 and it was number one on Texas IR Country for 3 weeks!!!

Crazy Love- This song is one of over a 100 songs I have written about my wife since the start of our relationship and I kid all the time on stage and says she only likes 4 of them this one included in the 4 lol. How this song was born is a funny story, me and my father in law now but not when the song was wrote were outside grilling and talking we was having a family get together on this day and he asked me to go in the house and get some Tongues a quick 3 minute trip. I walked in task on mind and I see his Acoustic sitting at the table and I sat down started strumming the guitar and wrote the bare bones of this song. Few minutes later my wife and her sisters come in and say “Hey where are you dad is waiting on the tongues and I go oh no I completely got off task but check out this new song, lol (He was not real interested in the song I wrote about the love I have for his daughter at this time). In the studio made some chord progression changes and a few tweaks to the lyrics and this song was completely done. It’s a great spring summer song to roll the windows down and forget about Troubles for a few moments and just breathe type of songs!!!!

Salt Life- I got this idea one day after seeing so many shirts and stickers on vehicles saying Salt Life. I went home and started writing the song and struggled with it and put it down and came back a few months later and finished the song. When got it in the studio me and Shayne felt like it needed some tweaking and we wanted to make a song that A was fun for the listener but also had a little bit of Life in it as well and wanted it to definitely have the beach tone and the summer feel to it. This song is about being on the water and forgetting about your troubles for sure but it’s all a celebration of living life and it’s one of my favorites on the Ep.

It’s A Girl ThingThe whole idea came from a conversation with my dad and my wife and my stepmom one night and we were talking and I can’t remember exactly what was said but my dad said son I guess it’s a Girl Thing and he looked at me and I looked at him and both said there is a song. So I got him later that night and started writing the song and first thing I came up with was the melody and just felt like ok this has a groove to it and then the lyrics came and I just wrote about being in a love that is really indescribable and just feeling on top of the world when with the one your supposed to be with. In the studio this song didn’t change that much from the original write but it only became better. I love this song it’s very uptempo and fun

Listen to the EP here

Purchase the EP here

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