Stories Behind The Songs: Campbell Station on Sweet Tea

Campbell Station are a country music trio from North Georgia/Chattanooga but currently reside in Nashville and they consist of Seth Ferguson, Elaina Campbell Connor and Campbell Ross.

The trio form really sweet and powerful harmonies and solid guitar work.

Their most recent single Sweet Tea is energetic, fun and has a really strong feel good vibe. The modern country pop melody is instantly enjoyable and gets your toes tapping to its infectious, summery beat. With lyrics feeling so homely and warm we had to ask Campbell Station what the story behind the song was which they happily shared below.

This is country music, we love to hear the creativity behind the songs we hear.

Artist: Campbell Station

Song: Sweet Tea

We had a cowrite with a good friend of ours named Chris Housman. We’ve always been of fan his music and writing style, so it made sense that we should do one together. He actually brought the idea of “…a little you, a little me, a little sweet tea” to us and we loved it. The three of us (Campbell Station) grew up in North Georgia/Chattanooga, TN area so we were able to draw from our favorite summertime past times and what’s it’s like to be with someone you love in the summer.

We wrote the song within a couple hours and knew we had something special with it. We started testing it out all last summer at our shows and received a lot of positive feedback for it, and lots of requests on where to buy the song. We went into the studio late November to begin tracking it and two other songs (that we’ll release later this year!) and finished everything in February. We knew we wanted it out by the beginning of Spring, so we were able to take our time with it while working with our engineer Robbie Artress and producer Kyle Crownover. Seth went to the studio first to record the foundation of the songs with just an acoustic guitar and Elaina on a scratch vocal. After Seth laid down all the guitars, bass, and drums with Robbie, Campbell and Elaina came back to do their vocals. You can see in the videos below how comfortable we all were and it made the track turn out great!


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