Stories Behind The Songs: Two Ways Home on As I Leave

As I Leave is a hauntingly beautiful song that shows a very emotive and sensitive side to Two Ways Home. Written with a favourite of ours The Young Fables, you can definitely hear The Young Fables mark on it. As I Leave has a very melancholic dark-folk/country feel to it with a haunting electric guitar solo that gives the song a sort of past life, beyond the grave, Wuthering Heights effect.

Artist: Two Ways Home

Song: As I Leave

Isabella describes, “As I Leave is very close to my heart. It’s the feeling when you have fallen out of love with someone and you know it will break that person if you end it but at the same time it is going to hurt you just as much if not more, knowing that you have caused someone who you care deeply about so much sorrow.”

Lewis adds I remember being in our Nashville hotel room, sitting around a table with Wes and Laurel (The Young Fables). We each played a couple of songs for each other and suddenly Isabella came up with the line: ‘standing here beside you looking in, I don’t know what to say or how to begin’. We knew straight away this one was going to be special. It wasn’t going to be a straightforward break up song, we were looking to explore a different avenue and ended up writing from the perspective of someone who had fallen out of love but who was still very attached to the person that they were going to break up with. It was brilliant working with Wes and Laurel, especially as Wes has a very Jazz led background, which is heavily reflected in the chord moves throughout the song and we are looking forward to seeing them again when we are in Nashville at the end of this month.”


Two Ways Home are made up of Isabella (originally from Vienna) and Lewis (who grew up in Gloucestershire). Highlights from their hugely successful 2017 include the release of their critically acclaimed ‘Closest Stranger’ EP and follow up single ‘Outlaws’, performing at Country Music Week, along with major shows at London’s Green Note and The Arches as well as shows in Nashville (USA), Vienna (Austria) and Festivals around the UK.


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