Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

C2C Festival: Ashley McBryde – London O2 Arena – Spotlight Stage Live Review

Ashley McBryde was the success story of C2C before it even began – everyone was looking forward to her so when they finally got to see her live the talk of her being the artist of the entire weekend became true.

Ashley McBryde is a girl going somewhere, everywhere, global. The most talented artist to come out of country music recently is putting it lightly and when her album Girl Going Nowhere comes out March 30th then things are going to really blow up.

With Ashley you get so much more than just an artist, you get a connection, you get honest, relatable music and if you meet her in person, well then you get a hug as she loves givin’ them.

Ashley McBryde played across several platforms over the C2C Festival weekend and each venue, stage was packed with hoards of fans.

Ashley McBryde made her O2 Arena debut on the Saturday night of C2C Festival on The Spotlight Stage which is the small stage at the back of the arena where acts perform in between the main stage acts. It may be a stage at the back but it is just as important as everyone gathers around the small stage and those who don’t remain seated so the acts are still playing to a full arena.

Ashley took to the stage and the arena erupted with cheers. Ashley started her short two song set with American Scandal and she seemed to be taken aback that everyone was singing the words back to her. Ashley’s traditional yet modern sound and style is the perfect sound for all country music fans as offers something for everyone.

Ashley has a beautiful and very inviting voice. Ashley’s on stage persona is incredibly warming and you feel a strong connection between her and her fans. Ashley shares the story of how when she was at school, they were all asked what they wanted to be when they were older. Ashley replies to the teacher with “I want to go to Nashville to be a singer/songwriter and have my songs play on the radio” to which she was told won’t happen and to have a back up plan. Well…we are all so happy that she didn’t bother with a back up plan and didn’t give up. After the story, Ashley of course sang Girl Goin’ Nowhere and I gotta say, when she sang the words “I hear the crowd” the 20,000 strong O2 Crowd cheered to the loudest they could and they did this every time that line was sung and it was such a wonderful moment and you could tell that Ashley was all teared up.

Spotlight Stage acts only get to sing two or three songs depending on time so Ashley only sang American Scandal and Girl Goin’ Nowhere which had unbelievable reactions across the entire weekends performances that she did.

Ashley is a star, there is no doubt about that and she is now a UK favourite, we adore her here and hope she doesn’t leave it too long before she returns. If you find a more friendly artist then I would be surprised.

We cannot wait for her album Girl Going Nowhere as the only place she is going is Up, not bad for a girl going nowhere huh?

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