Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

C2C Festival: Lindsay Ell – Spotlight Stage – Live Review

Lindsay Ell has become one the UK’s favourite country stars. Now a regular to the UK, which we hope is an ongoing thing – Lindsay has captured our hearts with her phenomenal guitar skills, beautiful voice and wonderful music.

Lindsay released the UK version of her debut album The Project on Friday 9th March during C2C Festival. Playing various sets across the weekend, Lindsay was on everyones “Must- See” list and just about everyone managed to see her.

On the final day of C2C Festival, Lindsay played the Spotlight Stage inside the O2 Arena in between main stage acts. The crowd formed around the stage rather quickly and she was soon surrounded by hundreds of hardcore fans.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Lindsay Ell, then I recommend getting familiar. This beautiful Canadian star bridges the gaps between country, pop and rock so she just about appeals to anyone and everyone.

Lindsay took to the stage with her guitar and a couple of band members and greeted her audience before going straight into playing Waiting On You which is a nice upbeat number which has elements of Jazz and Soul to it. Space was next and was stunning live – I didn’t expect her to do this song for some reason but am so glad that she did as it made me like it even more. Space is a gorgeous ballad which showcases Lindsay’s voice to a entirely different level. Lindsay is best known for her insane guitar skills, she is up there with the best of the best but her skills as a singer and songwriter should also be championed. Lindsay really impressed with her vocals on this short three song set and she took full advantage of this O2 Arena opportunity and showed everyone what she is made of.

Lindsay closed with her current single Criminal which really wowed the crowd. As she did with the other two tracks, Lindsay captivated her audience with her wicked guitar skills that make you want to get up and learn to play the guitar, only it isn’t as simple as that sadly. Lindsay has this adorable yet strong on stage presence and you just know she is such a lovely person even without meeting her. All her fans were singing along to every word and you could see that it meant so much to Lindsay to not just have the support from her hardcore fans but to have pretty much everyone stay inside the Arena to watch her perform, after all The Spotlight Stage performances are in between main stage acts.

Lindsay Ell has it all, beauty, talent, kindness and is one hell of a performer. Let’s make this a regular thing Lindsay, we will all be there at every show.

Set List

Waiting On You

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