After Party Artists 2018

C2C Festival: Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real were the #1 Artists for us all weekend

Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real are a band that we have supported and followed for a long time now. When they were announced to be a part of C2C Festival I knew that they would end up being one of the success stories of the entire weekend.

Lukas & POTR took to the Indigo stage after party on the Saturday night. Those who had been in the arena that evening would have already seen Lukas perform acoustically on the Spotlight Stage where he performed his songs Just Outside Of Austin and Find Yourself off his current self titled album.

Lukas wowed the O2 crowd within seconds during his Spotlight Stage set. His sharp, authentic rock vocals filled the venue and bounced off the walls leaving everyone in awe. Just Outside of Austin is such a beautiful song and is I guess Lukas’ version of a ballad. The sound was perfection and Lukas was an absolute natural to the stage. When he performed Find Yourself, he mentioned that Lady Gaga provided additional vocals on the album. Find Yourself was the performance that captivated everyone. Lukas poured his heart and soul into that performance and when he held his vocal notes during I hope you FIIIND yourself, the audience went wild. He seemed to be having such a great time up there and had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

In just two songs, Lukas proved he is one heck of a showman and more than just the son of Willie Nelson. Lukas is a true musician and quite frankly, one of the best.

Fast forward to the after party. If his Spotlight Stage performance wowed anyone then his after party would have completely blown them away. This band know how to play the hell out of a venue – it may have been a late one but everyone was soon wide awake and taking in every single moment.

Lukas & POTR were absolutely phenomenal , I got completely lost in their music and had probably the best time that I had had all weekend – I hadn’t danced that much in ages. The entire band made great use of the stage and rocked the hell out of their instruments and the sound was so loud (in a good way) that it created a very up beat, energetic atmosphere.

Just like on the album – Set Me Down On A Cloud was electrifying. The intro music is so infectious and it has that rock/grunge edge that just completely captivates you.

A few people said to me, “If you close your eyes would you think it was his father” 

One memorable moment was Forget About Georgia. Lukas explained how this song was about his ex named Georgia and how difficult it was to go on stage every night with his father performing Georgia On My Mind so that is why he wrote a song titled Forget About Georgia. The mid tempo track live was something else and Lukas performs it with such honesty that you feel every word he sings and when he sings the line “a part of me hopes that she will never forget about me ” you think, how could she possibly forget him?

Forget about country music, Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real break the rules of genres and create their own. They are more than a country rock band, they have it all and bring in elements of strong 90’s rock sounds of bands such as Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone , Soundgarden and Pearl Jam with a country twang and a shot of Blues, Jazz and bluegrass.

I think I can go as far as to say that this band were the absolute highlight for me the entire weekend. This band will give you an undoubtedly good time whether you know them or not. From their heaviest sound, to their most down tempo songs, Lukas Nelson & POTR deliver on every level, every track being just as outstanding as the last and the energy from the band rubbed off on the crowd and I found myself not wanting it to end. This is a band that will be timeless and you will find yourself wanting to see them for years and years to come.

Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real return to the UK on July 10th to play The Garage and Cornbury Festival on 11th July.

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