Country 2 Country Festival (C2C)

C2C Festival: Little Big Town – London O2 Arena – Live Review

I think it is impossible to find any kind of fault with Little Big Town. Kimberley, Karen, Jimi and Philip are just about the nicest and most talented people in not just country music but music in general.

Little Big Town have a special place in our hearts here in the UK and they will always be welcomed with open arms. Having played the first ever C2C Festival back in 2013 and returning for headline shows at Shepherds Bush and a sold out headline show at The Royal Albert Hall – this year marks their third time playing C2C and their first headline slot at the festival.

In London, Little Big Town headlined the Sunday which was the final night of the entire festival.

The arena went dark and the crowd cheered as Kimberley, Karen, Jimi and Philip took to the stage. Going straight into Rocket Man (Elton John cover) the arena atmosphere was exciting and infectious. The cover was beautiful and sounded good as a vocal harmony version.

Drivin’ Around was next which picked the energy up a bit but the moment the video backdrop started playing a video of a pontoon being backed up into the water followed by the Pontoon song intro, the arena went wild. Pontoon is for sure a fan favourite and everyone sang along – seat neighbours sang with seat neighbours, everyone was having a great time.

The group went on to sing Happy People next off of their new album The Breaker. The happy uplifting song was accompanied by a charming video of people of all ages, races, abilities – all with big smiling faces and being happy which made you instantly happy by looking at it.

When Little Big Town sing Front Porch Swing it is mind blowing every time you hear it. The harmonies on that song are killer and just make you think “wow”.

Jimi takes lead next for the stunning ballad When Someone Stops Loving You before all four perform one of their best tracks yet, Little White Church. Little White Church is always a favourite for me as was the first song of theirs that I ever heard. During Little White Church the group walked off stage to enter the crowd to get to the B stage at the back of the arena. Hilariously, they did almost walk down the wrong bit of the stage and had to walk back again which made me laugh, but ever the professionals they continued without most people noticing.

Little Big Town all stood on the B stage together and sang Bring It On Home, a stunning version of Sober to which they dedicated to their friend Deborah who they lost the day before and then Your Side of The Bed. The back of the arena gathered around the B stage and sang along to every word. Little Big Town all then gathered around the piano where Philip was playing and played a tribute to the late great Glen Campbell by performing a stunning cover of his song Wichita Lineman.

As the four piece walked back through the crowd to the main stage a video played in the background showing footage of the band since they started. It was quite emotional and moving to see footage of them so young and at times you would laugh at Jimi and Philip’s old hairstyles. It was a proud moment though, for both fans and the band because Little Big Town are just about the most hardworking band in country music and they have been together for years, so to see how far they have come over the years nearly brought a tear to my eye. It has been incredible in some ways to share this wonderful journey with them. During the video the band performed I’m With The Band which flowed into With A Little Help From My Friends (Beatles) which again, was emotional as the video proved just how much they have stuck together throughout the years.

Kimberley took lead next on the more heavy sounding Save Your Sin which got the arena loud and rockin’. The award winning Better Man followed and the sound of the arena singing along was incredibly powerful.

No one does vocal harmonies better than Little Big Town so when you get to see/hear song such as Can’t Go Back live then it just completely captivates you.

Little Big Town have just about the best vocals going and their voices blend in such a way that it is like they were always meant to sing together. All their voices are distinctive individually and they all compliment each other’s vocal in a flawless way.

Sometimes I wonder what arena staff make of the artists they have to work during and I thought to myself, if they are going to go home and tell their friends and family about anyone, it will be the vocals of Little Big Town.

Rollin’ was next followed by a very atmospheric Tornado (not literally). The audience then went a little crazy for some Day Drinkin’ which is always a very fun one live.

The boys take lead for the energetic and rockin’ Stay All Night which always has a great response and is probably one of the best and most underrated tracks off of Painkiller.

It is never a disappointment to hear Girl Crush – That song just about gets the loudest sing along reaction from the audience. Karen sings Girl Crush with such powerful and painful emotion that you almost don’t want to sing along as it is such sheer perfection hearing her in absolute silence.

As they have done for years and it is not a bad thing, they closed the set with Boondocks. I can’t really imagine them closing with any other song now, it is like a signature moment for them and something that fans look forward to. Boondocks ends the night on such a happy high that I hope they always end their sets with this song.

What can I say? A perfect night to a pretty much perfect weekend filled with country musics finest musicians if not some of the best artists in the world. Country music is very special indeed and Little Big Town are living proof of that.

Set List

Rocket Man (Elton John cover)
Drivin’ Around
Happy People
Front Porch Thing
When Someone Stops Loving You
Little White Church
Bring It On Home
Your Side of the Bed
Wichita Lineman (Glen Campbell cover)
I’m With the Band/With A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles cover)
Save Your Sin
Better Man
Can’t Go Back
Day Drinking
Stay All Night
Girl Crush

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