Introducing Jenna Paulette and her single ILYSM

ILYSM is the new country pop single from rising country pop star Jenna Paulette and it is really catchy with a great mix of modern country pop sounds that are sonically similar to Sam Hunt. Despite the Sam Hunt reference, this song is very different to todays mainstream country and it surprised me a lot, in a good way. Jenna has a lovely, sweet voice that suits both R&B and Country and this song is so much fun.

Jenna is young, fresh and pretty cool with a lot to love and will attract fans both young and old.

I can imagine ILYSM producing various versions such as cool dance mixes, stripped back acoustic and more. This is the type of song that would fit the mainstream chart. The energy behind this song is quite electric and it does make you want to crank up the stereo and dance along to it.

Listen to ILYSM on Apple here

Purchase ILYSM here

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