Introducing Country Rock/Pop artist Anthony Fallacaro

Anthony Fallacaro is a country – rock – pop singer/songwriter from New York. His most current single New Town, New Life was released in May 2017 following his EP Electric City which was released in April 2016.

New Town, New Life is such a gorgeous country ballad with stunning acoustic and steel guitar playing. I love the melody so much and Anthony’s distinctive, melodious and edgy, rich vocals really make the song just even more special. This is one of those songs that you just sit back and enjoy and sometimes close your eyes to really take it in.

His EP, Electric City was produced by his brother Dominic Fallacaro who is a Grammy award winning producer, the EP was also mixed by Grammy winning engineer Will Hensley and mastered by Grammy winning senior master engineer Chris Gehringer.

Electric City has a lot to offer and is refreshingly different from the majority of country artists currently in the charts. Starting with the song Great Escape which has a gentle, easy going country rock/pop style to it which is wonderfully catchy and very well produced. This song makes Anthony’s music instantly likeable.

I Know You Know – this is where Anthony reminds me slightly of Ben Folds and a little bit of The Postal Service. I love this song, it has an anthemic, cinematic way about it and is one of those tracks that I can see being featured on a movie soundtrack. The video to this song is really quite moving with a great message of love and relationships from all corners of the world.

My Love has a strong rock feel to it which will appeal to fans of artists such as A Thousand Horses. This song isn’t really country but that is irrelevant when a song is good and this song is exactly that, a good song.

Words I Oughta Say pulls in a more country sound with an acoustic feel. This is a sweet sounding but slightly melancholic ballad and speaks of a broken heart and how things will never be the same after a certain point in a relationship and as the title says, of words that should have been said.

Shotgun – another rock styled tune with a slight dark vibe to it. Like all the songs off this EP it is very well crafted instrumentally and well produced and written. I do think this EP steers more towards the rock genre but the country elements do work and it is good music regardless.

Now and Then is a beautiful track with a haunting yet colourful melody. The addition of the female backing vocals strengthen the song that little bit more and the closing part of the song is really affective and powerful.

I will definitely be on the look out for more music from Anthony in the future.


For more information and to listen to Anthony’s music please visit

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