Brothers Osborne – Live at Kentish Forum London – Review

Brothers Osborne are the newest of offerings Nashville has provided in the form of musician first, country star second bands.

The striking brilliance of this duo is their clear love for the music they create. Real life brothers John and TJ, wowed audience at the o2 Forum last Tuesday providing a short set of catchy tunes and country melodies.

Opening for The Cadillac Three, the duo impressed right from the off with a rendition of Rum which highlighted the intensity of singer T.J’s deep voice.

As they performed It Ain’t My Fault the crowd stomped their boots and it was clear that the night was going to be one filled with real lovers of country music.

It was enjoyable to see a band so in-sync with each other, perhaps this is a gift of being family. They even bought out John’s wife, Lucie Silvas, who is on her own tour currently on stage for a rendition of Loving Me Back. This was a beautiful moment which had the audience swaying along until the final note.

The guys gave a shoutout to fellow touring Nashville musicians Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd who were watching the show that night, again preaching the importance of community, family and enjoying the music you make.

Brothers Osborne gave fans hope of a second album in the making when they played new song Shoot Me Straight. This certainly got everyones attention and had two instrumentals – perfect for those who enjoyed John’s breathtaking guitar solos.

Perhaps the most well know song from album Pawn Shop (2015) Stay A Little Longer had the crowd dancing along and singing all the words. The band is definitely talented in controlling an audience in-between the plethora of guitar riffs.

Although short, Brothers Osborne’s set was strong and showed the extent of their glowing talent. Before leaving the stage they told the rowdy audience they’d be back on their own heading tour in May 2018. Three cheers to that!

by Bryony Jewell

Tickets for the May tour on sale now


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