The Cadillac Three – Kentish Forum London – Live Review

If ever there was a band to redefine country’s image it would certainly be The Cadillac Three.

Dropping the western and adding the rock, this band knows how to pair the storytelling magic of a country song with the sound you’d expect to hear on a mainstream radio station.

Currently on tour with eight U.K dates, the three insanely talented musicians – Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason and Kelby Ray – have been wowing audiences with their angry and articulate performances.

On Tuesday this Nashville trio played the o2 Forum in Kentish Town and from the moment the audience heard the iconic guitar intro of Peace Love & Dixie it was clear they were here for a good time.

Playing a range of songs from both albums Bury Me In My Boots (2016) and Legacy (2017) it was a heavy bass treat to relive their musical catalogue with them. The audience knew every word to sentimental Graffiti, slow Take Me To The Bottom and full of feels, White Lightning.

The hits kept on coming with the band clearly basking in the adoration of the audience and soaking up every second. When they played Dang If We Didn’t the Forum was full of beer in the air and the audience felt every word of memorable lines “Whiskey, ‘quila, rum, and some cold Bud Light/ Dang if we didn’t get drunk last night”.

These Honkey Tonk rock gods slowed it down for some of the most impressive moments of the night. Singer and guitarist Jaren Johnston started Long Hair Don’t Care acoustically, showcasing his amazing vocal power, before slipping back into their tours namesakes signature band sound.

In a beautiful performance of Running Red Lights, Jaren again went acoustic and dedicated the song to his own legacy back in Nashville, wife and seven month old baby Jude.

Tuesday night was yet another country gig with a support act just as impressive as the headliners. Opening for TC3 was duo Brothers Osborne. Perfectly paired for this tour of musicians who clearly love their craft and instruments, the brothers – T.J and John – even bought John’s wife Lucie Silvas out onstage for a song.

As closing song The South played it was clear how much fun The Cadillac Three were having. The same true for audience, who were playing their part to the max as they sang “This is where I was raised and this is where I’ll die”. Odes to Nashville continued until the lights came up; what better way to honour your home than with a proud Tennessee flag on stage and standing ovation from the London audience.

After great music, strong performances and a stage presence to die for? Then look no further than the Cadillac Three.

by Bryony Jewell

Purchase Legacy by The Cadillac Three here

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