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JD & The Straight Shot – Good Luck and Good Night – Album Review

JD and The Straight Shot’s new album Good Luck and Good Night and in fact the one before have both been advertised as 100% acoustic which is not only intriguing but wonderfully refreshing. I love this band and from the get go of the first track Redemption Train which caught my attention from the intro making it impossible for me to not want to hear the rest of the album.

I love authenticity in an album and in artists and JD and The Straight Shot are exactly that Authentic, real, traditional yet modern, unique, acoustic and genius.

This band caters for lovers of music in the real sense. Their music is so well crafted instrumentally, lyrically and vocally that they a breath of fresh air for me.

Ballad Of Jacob Marley was a fast favourite for me. As if the title didn’t capture enough intrigue for me, the song too is wildly infectious with strong playing from the fiddle which really grabs you and the banjo picking too is slick and captivating. The song is such a great story as is clearly taken from one of the worlds best known and best loved stories A Christmas Carol but takes a unique turn by focusing on not Scrooge but his partner Jacob Marley who is such an underrated character in the story yet a highly important one. As the story is very much based around atonement, this song gives a good insight to the one man who never got the chance to atone the way Scrooge did but as we know holds a key role into ensuring Scrooge does. That being said, Marley remains in his chains which this song builds around, I won’t give too much away as feel it is a song you need to listen to and really listen to. An idea from fiddle player Erin Slaver, this song is well worthy of praise and attention.

Moonlight – this song is great and has an element of an early Little Big Town mixed with Fleetwood Mac, The Handsome Family and many artists from the sixties. The sixties twist makes this song quite exceptional and the melody really lures you in.

I Know I Know I Know is another stand out track for me with a dark, mysterious, haunting feel to it. The melody echoes a spooky, ghostly chilling vibe like in traditional folk music. It is songs such as this that capture a true impact in a live setting as the type of instruments used translate much better in a live show.

Something about Run For Me reminds me of European music and Bretagne music in particular blended with traditional Irish music which combined , makes this song breathtakingly beautiful. I really love good use of instruments in music which is why I keep mentioning it and will keep mentioning it.

JD & The Straight Shot often feature a cover but on this album they have two. The first cover is Shambala from Three Dog Night. This cover is impressive, vibrant and exciting in its fast pace and addictive melody.

The other cover is It’s Your World Now by The Eagles. The band who were friends with the late Glen Fry wanted to honour him with a cover and took time to select a song they knew they could give justice to and they have done exactly that. Their twist on the song is happily met and is such a wonderful tribute.

Good Luck and Good Night – the title track is another traditional sounding, dark tune with a trippy feel to it which is quite endearing and hypnotic. The chorus with the children takes it to sweeter more relaxed and warming level but still holds that chilling, wispy sound.

Tonight makes me want to play the fiddle. Erin is such an important part of this band and proves how beautiful the instrument is. This is a more country sounding song than the rest and is a lovely traditional styled ballad with emotive and passionate vocals.

Never Alone closes the album and rightly so. What a way to end an album. Probably the most catchiest track on the album this song has nice collective vocals from the band members and Erin in particular stands out vocally. I love the picking on this song and the over all old styled theme vocally. This is a song I need to hear A capella.

As someone who was shamefully unfamiliar with the band until being sent the album, I am so glad to now have this band in my life. They are almost impossible to write about as there is so much to them and I feel that whatever I write won’t pin point exactly what I am trying to express. This is band you need to listen to to understand and will be a band some won’t connect with but as I say, lovers of real music will and there is no denying that JD & The Straight Shot aren’t a band worthy of praise in their musical talents sonically, lyrically and vocally.

Having missed their recent UK tour, I hope to catch them next year when they return and they should be announcing dates soon.

Purchase Good Luck and Good Night by JD & The Straight Shot here


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