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Ryan Hurd – EP Review

Ryan Hurd is a country music singer/songwriter who has been on the scene for a while as a writer but now is making quite an impact on the industry as an artist. He recently released his self titled EP which consists of four highly impressive tracks that should not go unheard or shall I say Unhurd? Ha

We Do Us really captures the vibe of the EP and all over sound which in places is fun, infectious and instrumentally brilliant. The detail of instrumentation on this track in particular is very noticeable and really quite refreshing giving the general melody a lot more edge and energy. The chorus is very crowd pleasing so in a live setting will no doubt be quite effective and a moment to enjoy.

Love In A Bar is such a beautiful song and was released as a single and rightly so. Love In A Bar is an electric country ballad with a lot to love. The lyrics are expressive, relatable and warming and passionately emotive. With Ryan being engaged to Maren Morris it gives the song a whole new meaning as you know he means every word and it sets off quite an emotional feel to the listener. Melodically, this song is gorgeous and has a real anthemic feel to it. The video is also quite moving featuring Maren which makes it even more real and beautiful – suddenly the two become our favourite country couple.

City Girl is a mid tempo country styled ballad with a more pop infused sound along with a hint of a pop rock which gives it a strong, loud feel. I think any style would suit Ryan and I hope he explores more cross over sounds on his album. City Girl has a kind of combined style of bands such as Linkin Park and Jimmy Eat World but countrified, it has a sort of electronic based chorus vocally and sonically which is fresh and exciting to hear.

The EP closes with Hold You Back which jumps into a more strong country feel and has an very pleasant easy listening style to it and again, great instrumental detail. Another song that will be quite the sing a long moment live.

Each song off the EP is thoroughly enjoyable with all being stand out tracks. If this is a hint of things to come then I for one am very excited.

This EP proves Ryan to be a strong contender within the country music industry and as this EP holds only four tracks, I think it is safe to say that we can expect some great things from Ryan in the future.

Ryan is currently in the UK on tour with fiancee Maren Morris and I for one cannot wait to catch his set, we are in for one heck of a show.

Purchase Ryan Hurd – EP by Ryan Hurd here

Catch Ryan on tour with Maren Morris from now.

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