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Willie Nelson and The Boys – Willie’s Stash Vol.2 – Review

I am currently becoming quite obsessed with Lukas Nelson’s voice and his music so any project that he is a part of is a must for me right now and I am just starting to get to know more about his brother Micah. Their dad Willie Nelson of course should need no introduction as is a legend so this collaboration is just a no brainer and an absolute treat. Being family, there are similarities vocally but also each have a unique style with Willie being distinctive in his more matured vocal, Lukas having a more soulful rock sound and Micah being the most individual of them all with a more youthful but strong style.

I love everything about this album – it is easy listening, throughly enjoyable and an education to music and artists that I hadn’t lent much time to. Musician families always intrigue me and there is something about when families work together musically that just works better than anything, perhaps it is the natural connection but I also find it just so heart warming and inviting.

This album covers a selection of well- loved American country classics with seven being written by Hank Williams Senior and one being a Willie Nelson track which is Healing Hands of Time and I love this track and having Willie, Lukas and Micah on it is even better.

Willie Nelson and The Boys (Willie’s Stash, Vol.2) is produced by Grammy award winner Buddy Cannon who is also a collaborator and long time friend of Willie’s. The album is recorded by Steve Chadie at Pedernales Recording Studio in Austin, Texas.

The entire collection is of incredible force and one I shall treasure for years to come. It is one of those albums that truly make you appreciate music in general as well as the artists, the writers and the genre. If this album doesn’t make you realise the true beauty and genius behind country music then I am not sure what will.

The album is addictive from the start with an incredibly delightful, honest and raw version of Move It On Over ( Hank Williams Sr) and is followed by my favourite Mind Your Own Business (Hank Williams Sr). You can find live session footage of this collection online and it proves the Nelson family to have true, natural musicianship and a talent to be admired.

I would LOVE to see this album on tour in its entirety – imagine how phenomenal that would be?

Purchase Willie and the Boys: Willie’s Stash, Vol. 2 by Willie Nelson here

by Hannah Compton

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