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The Nickajack Men – Can’t Take It Anymore – Single Review

The Nickajack Men are a Glaswegian five piece alt-rock/Americana band who have just released their single Can’t Take It Anymore.

Can’t Take It Anymore has a very colourful melodious start to the song like something out of a movie soundtrack which kept me wanting to listen further and the song continued to have a nice style to it much like music from the late 90’s/00’s. Although from Glasgow, The Nickajack Men have a fairly strong American rock sound to them in this track blended with a soulful Folk/Americana style similar to that of William The Conquerer and Danny and The Champions Of The World.

Listening to this does take me back to my teenage/early twenties days when I would be at the Astoria or Brixton Academy watching a band like Weezer, Biffy Clyro , Hell Is For Heroes or whoever was on that week and it does make me miss it. I mention this because I can really feel an energetic live setting in this track which kind of makes me eager to catch a show. Younger me would have been all over this band in a heartbeat so old me wants to start going out to see these type of artists again because I am not actually sure why I stopped?

I will have to listen to the rest of their music now to see if it will engage me as much as this song and if it will make me not only listen to their music but make me dig through my cd collection and find my past favourites

Purchase Can’t Take It Anymore – Single by The Nickajack Men here


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