CMW - Country Music Week

Jillian Jacqueline- The Borderline – Live Review – Country Music Week

Photo’s by Claire Shekle

If you got to see Jillian Jacqueline during Country Music Week and haven’t come away a huge fan then I would be very surprised. Jillian is the next big thing – her music is sensational as is her voice and on stage she comes across as the most sweetest and fun person.

Jillian is essential to not just the country music scene but the music scene in general – her talent for both singing and songwriting is truly remarkable and she has fast become one of my current favourites.

As a fairly new artist, I did not expect to have Jillian over to the UK so soon so I was ecstatic when I heard she was to be a part of Country Music Week.

Jillian played various shows over the course of the week including a support slot opening for Kip Moore but it was Saturdays show with Drake White where I was lucky enough to see her.

Jillian had everybody’s attention from the moment she entered the stage – her original 60’s styled dress caught the eye of each audience member and everyone was ready to be dazzled.

Starting her set with Holier Than Thou from her current EP Side A , Jillian blew the audience away within moments. I love this song, it is about someone who just thinks too much of themselves and is cleverly written. Holier Than Thou has a very feel good chorus that makes you sing along with so much energy, especially if the song resonates with you.

The crowd varied from dedicated fans to people yet to be fans but every person listened attentively and absorbed her music. We were treated with a very impressive set with songs mostly off Side A with two unreleased tracks thrown into the mix, one of which was called Prime and I hope it makes her album.

Sugar and Salt was next and it showed a relatable side to Jillian’s lyrics – this songs melody is just gorgeous and her voice alone in this song is melodious which made the performance even more stunning.

Shady was another song that I hadn’t heard before but again loved and want to hear again as soon as possible.

Hate Me is a fan favourite and she has an awesome Hate Me T Shirt in her merchandise which I really want ha! Jillian explains before the song that she isn’t any good at writing love songs but this one is one she is proud of and thinks people can relate to it although hopes they don’t as wouldn’t want anyone to go through it.

One song that I was desperate to hear live was Bleachers, it is so wonderfully up beat and fun-lovin’ and the song live was just as exciting and it made my evening hearing it.

A song that means a lot to Jillian and was actually never intended to be on her EP and was originally put on hold by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for a year was her emotive, honest and very relatable track God Bless This Mess written with Lori McKenna. Jillian sang this in such a passionate and stunning way that it makes me happy that she put out this record rather than Tim and Faith as it shows who she is as an artist and screams honesty which I think translates best when sung by the songwriter.

Jillian ended the set with her hit Reasons which she is currently doing a radio tour to promote. If you haven’t yet heard this song then please do right away. Just the whistling intro grabs me alone and I was so glad it wasn’t left out of the live version. This song is so current and fresh, young yet mature and has a twist of R & B. The chorus is great in a live setting as has such a wonderful and catchy sing a long way about it and it was quite emotional to hear the amount of people singing along. This was a great way to end the set as left a lasting memory for many I am sure and I simply cannot wait to have Jillian back here in the UK for C2C Festival where she will gain an even more enormous amount of fans.

Jillian made an even bigger fan out of me this weekend and getting to chat with her before the show made me just about love her. Her gentle, down to earth personality made me feel so comfortable and she made me walk away with the feeling of wishing we could hang out for a more in depth conversation, not just an interview.

I predict great things for Jillian and would even go as far as to say she may just be on par if not better than Maren Morris.

Jillian’s style visually alone draws you in – her music matches her wardrobe as both make her deliciously unique, retro yet current, traditional yet pop and definitely an artist to watch.

Purchase Side A by Jillian Jacqueline here


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