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Drake White and The Big Fire were “On Fire” at The Borderline – London

How can you possibly put one of the best shows you have ever been to into words? It isn’t easy and I am not sure that I can ever get across just how phenomenal Drake White and The Big Fire’s show was last night. This band know how to rock a joint and they were so energetic, loud and mind blowingly fantastic that I find myself still buzzing and singing along to their music as I type.

A lot of country musicians are grateful to play in the UK and go that extra mile to show their gratitude but Drake White was like a kid at Christmas – he was so excited and so hyperactive that his energy and enthusiasm spread out into the crowd in a way that I haven’t seen in a long time. The love and chemistry between him and his band shows true admiration and real friendship.

The Borderline was at capacity with Drake White and The Big Fire’s biggest fans. Every single fan seemed to know every single word and there wasn’t even a moment during the entire show where the crowd went quiet.

Drake White is a force to be reckoned with, his stage presence along with his band The Big Fire was on fire indeed and totally electrifying. His voice is just captivating, his southern soulful tone is so infectious that I found myself putting my hand in the air shouting “hell yeah!”

Drake jumped around the small stage so much that on several occasions he fell over but bounced up again like it never happened. With his family in the audience, you could tell this show meant a lot to him and every effort was put into every single moment, even his banter.

One of the things that I love about country artists is their connection with their audience. Drake felt like a friend, we all felt proud, we all felt happy and we certainly all felt united.

Drake is known for his epic ability to freestyle and he didn’t disappoint that night, he is so clever with his lyrics, a true gift that cannot be taught and to witness his free styling in person is something else. The live versions of his songs from his album Spark were brought up another level with extended vocal and instrumentals and his band were so dang good that you focused on them just as much as you did with Drake – there were a lot of John fans in the crowd and his fiddle and harmonica playing were on top form.

I loved his acoustic segment – proving he is an artist that can give any artist a run for their money both with a band or acoustically, Drake is certainly going to hit the big time soon and deserves to not only be the main man in country but also top dog in the all genre category too.

Songs such as Story, Livin’ The Dream, Makin’ Me Look Good Again and Heatbeat (which he opened with) were highly memorable moments of the night – when a crowd sing in unity like the way we did last night, you’d be hard pressed to match that feeling again – indescribable.

Drake White and The Big Fire ended the show with an exceptional performance of With A Little Help From My Friends and Drake was practically jumping into the audience and hanging off the speakers from the ceiling. This band are stadium good, one day, lets hope we get to see a headline show in that setting.

As my friend said to Drake last night.

One word….INSANE!!!!!!


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  1. Was lucky enough to be there and couldn’t agree more! I was telling a friend about it this afternoon and was frustrated that I really couldn’t get across just how amazing i was.


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