Little Big Town – Review – Live at O2 Institute Birmingham

By Olivia Brown

Last night I had one of the best concert experiences I have ever had, Little Big Town blew me away! I was so excited when I booked the tickets and couldn’t wait to finally see them live.

Seth Ennis kicked off the night with ‘Buzz’ and ‘Fast girl’ which show off his soulful, southern voice really well. He then introduced his mum in the audience who had come over to watch him play. ‘Call Your Mama’ is a new song and it was the first time he sung it live. It was an incredible song both lyrically and melodically and was very relatable. I hope it gets released soon so everyone can hear how great it is!

He also sung ‘Think and Drive’ and ‘Look at You’ before ending on ‘Woke up in Nashville’ which I love! Seth Ennis was a great start to the show and I hope to see him live again soon.

Little Big Town came onto the stage looking stunning and started off with ‘Night On Our Side’ which really got the crowd excited and ready for the show. They followed this with ‘Happy People’ which is one of my favourites because of its positive message and upbeat rhythm.

They followed these with 4 songs from previous records: ‘Pontoon’, ‘Front Porch Thing’, ‘Little White Church’ and ‘Tumble and Fall’. I thought that the mix of new songs from ‘The Breaker’ and songs from older records was amazing and really got the audience singing along throughout.

Better Man’ was next and we were told that this is just being released as a single in the UK which I couldn’t believe. This was followed by another great song from The Breaker, ‘Rollin’. They then sung another of my favourites ‘Day Drinking’, a great upbeat song which everyone knew and happily sung every word to. This was followed by 2 beautiful, lyrical tracks ‘Sober’ and ‘Don’t Die Young, Don’t Get Old’.

They then sung a beautiful tribute to Don Williams who sadly passed away recently. They followed this with a mash-up of ‘When Doves Cry’ by Prince and ‘Fallin’ by Alicia Keys which as a great addition to their set-list. This was followed by ‘Beat up Bible’ which I think is one of the most beautiful calming songs I have ever heard and really shows off Kimberly’s beautiful voice. ‘Lost in California’, another great track off the breaker followed.

Little Big Town then performed an amazing cover of ‘Wonderwall’ which was very popular with the entire audience. They then sung the slow, melodic ‘When Someone Stops Loving You’, this was followed by 3 powerful, strong and upbeat songs: ‘Tornado’, ‘Stay all night’ and ‘Save your Sin’. They finished their set with one of their most iconic songs ‘Girl Crush’ which is lyrically amazing and was sung beautifully.

They then came back on for a 2-song encore which started off with ‘Turn the Lights on’. The final song of the night was ‘Boondocks’ which symbolises the band beautifully and is one of their most iconic songs. Everyone was singing along and it was a very fitting end to a phenomenal show.

Little Big Town were one of the best acts I have ever seen live, they were insanely good. If they ever come to the UK again I will definitely be there singing along to every word.


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