Kellie Pickler – If It Wasn’t For A Woman – Single Review

I feel like we have waited far too long for Kellie to release new music. Kellie Pickler by far has one of the most strongest female vocals in country music and the most traditional sounding. I have followed Kellie’s career since her appearance on American Idol (where she placed sixth) and I fell in love with her voice instantly.

In September, Kellie released her latest single If It Wasn’t For A Woman, fours years after her last album. Myself, along with other Kellie fans rejoiced. It has almost been criminal that it has taken so long for her voice to be on our devices again but it is happily welcome.

Pickler co-wrote the song with her husband Kyle Jacobs and Brian Bunn and the track is inspired by and written in tribute to Kellie’s late grandmother, Faye Pickler, who raised Kellie since a very young age and to this day remains to be one of the most important inspirations in her life.

With this song Pickler has proven once again that she should be one of the top selling female artists in country music. Kellie has retained her traditional sound which her natural southern tone accompanies so well. Kellie truly writes from the heart and does not shy away from pouring her heart and soul into her music. Pickler has this wonderful ability to bring out everyone’s emotional side with her beautifully heart felt lyrics which take us on a sweet and heart warming journey. With her passionate, soulful and emotive vocals – you can really feel every word that Kellie sings and this not only engages her listeners but forms a strong connection with them. If It Wasn’t For A Woman is a stunning piano driven ballad with breathtaking sounds from the steel guitar and of course, powerfully honest and relatable lyrics.

Kellie Pickler is the epitome of country music and is one of artists that made me so heavily invested in the genre.

As Kellie’s late grandmother was a mother to her – it makes the story of this song even more tear jerking and I find myself sitting here wishing her late grandmother could hear the song – perhaps she can and is smiling down on Kellie right now with the upmost pride.

This is one of the most beautiful songs that I have heard in a long time and I hope that it is the first of many songs to come from Kellie. I also hope she makes a trip to the UK soon as I will be first in line to grab a ticket.

Well done Kellie – you have managed to make me a blubbering mess yet again.

Purchase or stream If It Wasn’t For A Woman here

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