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Steve Young – The Great North Road – EP – Review

It was a good choice to listen to this EP whilst chilling. Everything bit of it from the intro to the very end was incredibly soothing and relaxing. Sonically this EP is stunning – the melodies and the instrumentation are such a joy to listen to with notes that you feel you are inhaling . Much of the EP is piano driven which gives it a bit more edge and the strong sounds of the pedal steel guitar are delightfully addictive.

Steve has a nice authentic, tuneful yet imperfect vocal which I really enjoy. The first song Trembling Heart has a sweet and traditional country element to it blended beautifully with a true folk sound.

Hard Times In A Beautiful Place is a piano driven anthemic song with a nice message. This song is everything I love about Folk music.

The Great North Road is such a sweet song which is very folk like. It has a nice story to its lyrics and reminds me of a breezy Britain on a bright day. This is the kind of song that would be amazing live and would really captivate you.

Beautiful Tonight is a fun, toe tapping tune with a great sing a long chorus and a highly memorable melody.

The Greatest Love Song Of All Time – a really nice and exciting beat with an inspirational melody and lyrics. The harmonies from Laura Oakes on this song are really pleasing to the ears., she has such a beautiful voice and together they blend perfectly. This song just puts me in such a good mood and I find it really motivating. A perfect choice to end the EP on. I think this is probably my favourite track off the EP.

Something about Steve Young’s music reminds me of a combination of Dodgy, Cat Stevens, Dylan, Sean McConnell and William The Conqueror. There is so much detail and so much effort put in to this EP and that makes it really special.


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