Runaway June – Wild West – Single Review

By Olivia Brown

I love Runaway June’s first single ‘Lipstick’ and was so excited when they released a second single ‘Wild West’. The song has a great melody and backing music which matches their voices perfectly. The song is from a female narrator’s perspective, she is waiting for her cowboy to ride off into the sunset with her.

The whole song is very catchy and draws significant influence from western films: ‘Baby you could steal my heart like Jessie James or come in guns a blazing just like ole John Wayne’. The song is very country both musically and lyrically and I think it’s incredible. It also has great imagery throughout, it really makes you feel like your right there in the middle of the Wild West.

I can’t wait to hear more great music from Runaway June because so far, they have not disappointed!! I am hoping for a Runaway June album soon and maybe a UK tour someday because I will definitely be lining up for tickets!!

Wild West – Single by Runaway June


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