Gwen Sebastian – Cadillac- Single Review

Just when I think that I have my top female country artists set in stone, Gwen Sebastian comes along. Currently on tour as Miranda Lambert’s backing singer, Miranda makes dang sure that everyone knows Gwen is so much more than that by bringing her to centre stage to perform her current single Cadillac on every tour date.

I am so excited to have new music from Gwen Sebastian in my playlist as she truly is a talent that deserves a lot of recognition. Gwen has been on the scene for a while as an independent artist as well as appearing as a contestant on NBC’s The Voice.

Gwen has a stunning, soulful, southern, sweet-sounding traditional country styled voice with a gorgeous honeyed tone. With the industry being what it is, with female artists not gaining as much attention as they should, I hope this song and this artist don’t pass people by – for me, the female artists are the strongest in country music and they just keep getting better and better.

It is no wonder that Cadillac is the great song that it is seeing as it was co-written with Miranda Lambert and when Gwen and Miranda write together they create some truly beautiful music . Gwen has also co-written songs from Miranda’s current album The Weight Of These Wings such as Runnin’ Just In Case, Dear Old Sun and I’ve Got Wheels.

Cadillac is a very well crafted, mature, hauntingly beautiful and wonderfully chilling song that gives you goosebumps. The song holds such an honest country sound with gorgeous, emotive vocals and somewhat melancholic yet longing, hopeful lyrics that really grab you – leaving you feeling captivated. The piano driven intro stops you in your tracks and makes you want to not just listen to the song but really listen to every word and every note. The chorus is incredibly infectious and great to sing a long to – I would love to be part of an audience one day where everyone sings the words back to her. I feel so relaxed when listening to this song and am almost transported into a dream-like state. Gwen’s voice is very inviting and warm, I could listen to her all day.

Cadillac is everything that country music should be and is certainly one of the best songs released in country music for a while, in my opinion and Gwen Sebastian has only just begun to show us what she is capable of and I for one am really excited to watch her journey progress.

Gwen has it all and is instantly likeable and having seen this song live, she is an exceptional performer with flawless vocals and delivers an honest and believable performance that is truly mesmerising. I just hope she returns to the UK for her own tour soon.

Right now, I am certainly thinkin’ bout a Cadillac.

by Hannah Compton

Cadillac – Single by Gwen Sebastian

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