Wildwood Kin have released their first single ‘Run’ from their forthcoming album released later this year

Firstly, I LOVE this song and did from the second it started. Wildwood Kin who formed in Exeter, consist of two sisters, Beth and Emillie Key and their cousin Meghann Loneyare.

Wildwood Kin are such an exciting and wonderful trio who I am so proud to have representing the UK Country community. With artists such as Ward Thomas whom the girls have recently supported on tour, there is so much room for Wildwood Kin and a ready made fan base who will only be more than willing to listen and support.

Run (which was released May 19th is an exciting, folk-country driven song that really builds your spirits up with its up beat and anthem like melody. It begins with  energetic force and a folk-rock infused intro which continues to escalate and flow into the anthem sound mentioned.  It’s one of those songs that I thought right away  “oooh, this is goood” .  I can also hear this song being part of a movie soundtrack, maybe it will be?

The girls each provide stunning and mature vocals with beautiful tones. They may be family but they each have their own, ‘stand out’ sound which blend beautifully together and create gorgeous harmonies. They are like a country Wilson Philips which is so exciting.

Expect great things from this trio who are newly signed to Sony’s re-launched imprint Silvertone, and please support their music and catch them live if you can.

Run – Single by Wildwood Kin



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