When I write a gig review the support act may get a sentence or a namecheck, but often not if they don’t merit it.

So when I went to see Paul Cauthen as support to Andrew Combs I wasn’t sure what to expect. I interviewed Paul before the gig (which will appear here soon). Having heard the superb musicianship and production of Cauthen’s My Gospel album I had thought a solo performance was fraught with risk.

How wrong I was. Cauthen delivered a whirlwind 40-minute set of awesome power and passion worthy of a headline performance and hence review. His enormous baritone voice, gentle finger-picking yet strong guitar playing made this the best support act I can remember since BB King in 1978.

Hello, y’all doin’ alright?” drawls Texan Cauthen, sporting a Johnny Cash T-shirt. Being solo wasn’t a hindrance, you forgot he didn’t have his band with him he was that good.

With echoes of Elvis, Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash, passion and honesty abound in Cauthen’s material. He is a prolific songwriter and his set included several tracks from My Gospel including Still Drivin’, Hanging Out On The Line, the title track dedicated to his grandfather, and the pulsating Be There Soon.

At the end of my notes from the evening I wrote magnificent. Watch out for Paul Cauthen as he is one to see. Live. Magnificent. This is his gospel. This is his truth.

Review and live photos By Chaz Brooks

My Gospel by Paul Cauthen

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