Canyons of My Mind, the latest album from Texan singer-songwriter Andrew Combs has received considerable critical acclaim. But could Combs replicate live the beautiful studio arrangements on the album?

Between pre-show interviews (one to appear on this site shortly) and gig Combs had changed from T-shirt and cap to smart black suit, red shirt and bootlace tie.

Opening with Rose Colored Blues, the most commercial track on the album, all replication doubts were dispelled in a heartbeat, if anything this was superior to the recording.

The “tree-hugging song” Dirty Rain followed in a 15-song set including eight tracks from the Canyon album.

Recently married, with a shiny new wedding ring on his finger, Better Way was written for Combs’ wife “I’m a newly married guy but I changed my wife’s name to fit this song.”

The show was faultless, with Combs’ beautiful singing sympathetically accompanied by his band of electric guitar, bass and drums.

Silk Flowers was beautiful, and perhaps the standout track for this reviewer was Lauralee which was utterly gorgeous with Combs’ voice reminiscent of Don McLean.

The main man then gave his band a break and took three numbers solo, exuding stage magnetism.

The band rejoined for Foolin’ “a song about Facebook, I have a hard time with social media because we look a lot cooler than we are.” and Blood Hunters which is about “losing your mind when everyone is out to get you.” Too Stoned To Cry referenced the Johnny Cash track I Walk The Line.

Bourgeois King, was “loud and angry” and joins the growing list of songs written since last November’s American Presidential election, and none of them complementary.

This was a performance of sheer beauty. Well-crafted songs performed brilliantly. The sound person at the Glee Club deserves a special mention as it was spot on. The world needs an Andrew Combs live album. Please.

Review and live photos by Chaz Brooks

Canyons of My Mind by Andrew Combs


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