Ferris and Sylvester – Save Yourself – Single Review

Ferris & Sylvester are a UK America/Folk duo made up of Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester who have recently released their debut single ‘Save Yourself’. The track is produced by the legendary Youth who has signed the duo to his brand new publishing company Painted Word Music, in collaboration with Big Life Music.

Regarding the single Ferris & Sylvester say, ‘”Save Yourself’ is a song that demonstrates the painful and brutal battle that encompasses a relationship. The song is a truthful and honest portrayal of thoughts that we all feel but never say.”

Save Yourself is a beautiful, enchanting blend of Americana, Folk and Country Blues which is a pleasure to listen to. Sometimes I just want to listen to music that puts me in a trance and transports me into a dreamworld and this song does exactly that. For example, right now, I am sitting outside in the sunshine in Brittany, France, the birds are singing, there are butterflies everywhere and this music combined with that has brought me to a peaceful place. The lyrics are slightly melancholic, bittersweet if you will but despite the lyrics being more of saddened state, I am still captivated by its melody and vocals and find the song very calming.

Issy has a stunning pure, natural tone that blends beautifully with Archie, creating harmonies that are spellbindingly good. This is just the first song and so far only song that I have heard of theirs which makes me really excited to hear more and I very much look forward to their musical journey and plan to go along for the ride.

Save Yourself – Single by Ferris & Sylvester

Ferris and Sylvester are tourimg the UK in May and June. Info can be found here:


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