C2C Festival 2017

Interview: Talking to Seth Ennis about C2C, his EP and his UK tour with Little Big Town

Seth Ennis is one of the newest and freshest male artists to emerge in the country music world. His debut single Woke Up In Nashville caught industry and fans attention and Seth started to build a huge fan base fast as well as securing himself some fantastic tours with artists such as Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan and appearing on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul World Tour. Seth was part of C2C Festival this year in London and he will return to the UK later this year with Little Big Town. Seth has also released his debut EP Mabelle and I highly recommend it.

I caught up with Seth during C2C Festival for a quick chat. I hope you enjoy it.

Hi Seth How are you? Welcome to the UK

I am good thank you, it’s great being here.

So, you woke up in London today ha-ha, cheesy I know. How are you enjoying London, is this the first time you have been? Have you got to do any sight seeing yet?

Haha! It’s my first time as a little bit older but I came here as a child. This trip I haven’t had a chance to see much as have kind of been staying around the festival. I drove past Big Ben and Parliament and stuff so that was cool.

How has it been so far? You have already done some performances here, how was your first ever uk show?

Yesterday I performed at the Town Square and that was awesome, so much fun. Today I play around here and tonight I get to play the main arena on the back stage.

How was the first performance, how were the crowd?

It was amazing, I have never been around a crowd like this crowd before, I mean I just put out my EP just before C2C, days before in fact and people were already singing all the words which was pretty impressive.

Yes that’s us haha!

They learn the words very quickly.

If you perform a song live that you haven’t even recorded yet, guaranteed people will know the words by the next time you play it live.

Yeah, I love it, I love it!

You are playing on the Yamaha stage tonight and you only get to perform two or three songs, how easy or hard have you found it to pick just three songs? I assume you will play your hit single Woke Up in Nashville?

I think I am just going to do a striptease and take off all my clothes and hope that people will pay attention, ha- ha. I am going to do Woke Up In Nashville and I guess I will leave the other ones to be a surprise but I don’t know. I try to not take myself too seriously and just have fun! Hopefully people will see that and want to have fun too.

It will be amazing, the stage is well set up at the back of the arena. I am sure you have seen it already and have done your sound check but people will gather around the stage and it will get crowded.

I hope so!

It will, don’t worry about that.

In the US, country artists rely heavily on country radio to be heard or known. The UK have very little country radio, we have just one hour a week on mainstream radio and the others are all internet stations. How does it feel that your music, especially so early on in your career, has already reached international waters without the help of radio and purely through word of mouth amongst each other?

It’s a pretty humbling thing you know? When you create something that’s a piece of art, like a song and people attach on to it and they love it and you can see their face is genuine, it’s the best feeling in the world and I cant explain it but it rocks.

You are a great example actually of how much the UK supports country music. You can have one song out here in the UK and sell out an entire tour. Everyone went crazy when you were announced and at the time, you only had your debut single Woke Up In Nashville out.

Yeah, it’s definitely nice to have more than one song out now though. Before Woke Up In Nashville came out , when we would play a show, people would literally know nothing  and you could tell on their faces, they were like “we wanna sing with you but we don’t know what you’re doing”. I saw it for the first time when I put out Woke Up In Nashville, I started seeing people singing along but this is the first time I am seeing people sing the rest of my songs, so it’s pretty cool. I am getting spoiled though as pretty sure Americans won’t learn the words as fast as you guys.

Ha-ha, you never know.

We’re lazy, super lazy ha-ha!

So the EP is called Mabelle, which I love! Did you plan to release it around C2C because it has made such a difference and as you just said, people knew the words already?

Yeah, I wanted to make sure I had it out before I got over here just to see if I could because it’s such a cool opportunity and platform to play so we made sure we got it out.

How hard or easy is it to put an ep together? I can imagine that if you have written a lot of songs, it would be hard to narrow it down to four or five songs.

Yes it’s not just making music and putting it out there as there is a lot more to it. It got tough when I put out Woke Up In Nashville –  I had these other songs but there is still so much that has to go into putting songs out and people were like “we want more music” and you have it and you want to get it out but you have to make sure the release is right and everything else so it’s not as easy as just recording a song and putting it out.

When you were told you were coming to play for C2C was it a nice surprise, did you expect it?

Oh yeah , I actually found out I was playing right after last years C2C.

Oh wow!

Yeah and I didn’t have any songs out at that point either. I got really lucky, I have a good team that got me on the bill. I was obviously immediately ecstatic and then I was hearing from all my artist friends that came back after last year and they were talking about C2C saying “It’s so fun, the fans are awesome”. My friends built the hype with it so I was even more excited.

You are already returning later in the year with Little Big Town which is great, very excited for that and I have already bought my ticket.

I know right? I got my list here of where we are going. We are going to Manchester, Birmingham, Gateshead, Glasgow, Bristol and right here in London but at The Royal Albert Hall which is like a bucket list moment for me.

I was going to say – The Royal Albert Hall is such a historic venue and not many artists can boast about playing there but everyone wants to play, it’s an amazing achievement and I am so excited for you.

I just cant believe I get to do it when I am like 24 years old! I am excited about that and that I get to do it with Little Big Town, they are like seriously the best people.

I love Little Big Town. It’s going to be an incredible show and The Royal Albert Hall is such a beautiful venue.

Yeah and when I asked Little Big Town to open for me they were so cool about it.

Oh good ha-ha!


Is there an album in the works?

Yes! We are pretty much done already. If people like the stuff that we have put out so far then they are really going to like the rest of the record. I’m just so excited about the record more than anything so far , I am really excited to get it out and for people to hear it.

Will it be out this year?

Yes it will be out this year.

In time for the Little Big Town tour?

Possibly, that’s the hope.

Well I can’t wait for the album and I cannot wait to see your Royal Albert Hall debut, it’s the UK equivalent of a Grand Ole Opry Debut.

I know! It is, it really is.

Well thanks so much for chatting today, I look forward to seeing all your performances.

Thank you, its been great thanks for your time.

Mabelle – EP by Seth Ennis


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